MediaShift Ad Network Drops Name of Troubled Travora Brand

To a small group of travel industry professionals the name Travora was exciting for a few months. For everyone else, this name change means little.

Travora sold its travel ad network for $4.4 million

Despite challenges as the advertising industry changed, the Travora advertising network had a decent business going on for awhile, but wild spending and awful strategic decisions led to the dismal outcome.

Travora Media sells remaining assets: Ad network to live, content biz to close

Travora management ran the company into the ground, and its consumer sites languished and will die.

As Travora shuts down, USA Today acquires some content pieces

The story of Travora is the story of what happens to mismanaged overfunded startups in a complex space as the market turns on them.

Travora trims staff, phases out NileGuide and TravelMuse, and readies app launch

Travora's shift into publishing on its own follows media/advertising trends, but its disappointing results in mobile and downsizing may foreshadow new challenges ahead.

Travel Ad Network evolves into information and inspiration site Travora

Travora enters a crowded field of travel information and inspiration services and sites and goes head-to-head with traffic heavyweights like Google and Pinterest as well as traditional travel brands like Lonely Planet.