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Tour Operator Offers $1 Million Expedition to View Endangered Species

At $9,009 per day for 111 days, this tour highlights the plight of endangered species around the world. Some nice publicity for the tour operator, Natural World Safaris, and for the cause it's promoting.

3 years ago

UK Tour Operator Thomas Cook to Close More Offices

A company such as Thomas Cook can often get to profitability by gutting offices, and trimming the ranks of employees and other expenses, but in the end, what will the company look like?

3 years ago

TUI Travel has sunnier earnings forecast because of extended wintry weather

The European tour operator is reducing its retail operations and trying to solicit more online bookings. Sometimes the business climate for TUI Travel seems colder and damper than a British winter.

3 years ago

TUI Travel tilts away from travel agents with strong online sales

The world's largest tour operator is pushing an online strategy and establishing direct relationships with consumers, meaning traditional travel agents are increasingly getting cut out of the picture. TUI Travel's online business now stands at 40% in the UK, and the company hopes to achieve that mark globally.

4 years ago