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Expedia Joins Apple, Others When It Comes to European Tax Savings

It would be hard for Expedia, like any other company, to say no to 26% tax savings. Time for a bit of reform.

1 month ago

Airbnb Agrees to Collect Taxes From its Hosts in Los Angeles

Does this tax-collection agreement mean Airbnb is completely legal in Los Angeles? Not really. But if you're renting out your home as a short-term rental, the city wants to make sure it gets its cut of the business, even as it's revising its short-term rental laws.

3 months ago

Hawaii Governor Will Veto Bill Allowing Airbnb To Collect Taxes

Hawaii may become the only U.S. state so far to veto legislation that requires sharing economy services to collect state and local taxes.

4 months ago

Chicago Turmoil Inspires Other Illinois Cities to Challenge Airbnb

Now, even smaller U.S. cities and towns are pushing back against disruptive Airbnb rentals.

4 months ago

Airbnb Guests and Hosts Will Now Pay Pennsylvania’s Hotel Tax

Airbnb's new strategy of working with states and cities on tax issues, instead of ignoring them completely, is a sign of the company finally starting to grow up.

4 months ago

Booking.com Gets a Nearly $400 Million Tax Bill From France

European tax authorities, in this case from France and Italy, continue to go after online travel agencies like Booking.com for back taxes. Booking.com is such a large company that a $400 million bill, if it actually must be paid, won't cause the company to sweat excessively.

5 months ago

First Order of Business for IATA’s New CEO: Managing A Global Airline Emissions Tax

In his new role at IATA, the outgoing Air France-KLM CEO has a big challenge ahead of him: working with the U.N. to establish a global tax for airline emissions that will be enforced fairly among all airlines.

7 months ago

Montana Rules Against Expedia and Priceline in Ongoing Booking Tax Saga

Coming up next week: A contrary ruling from another state or city that goes in OTAs' favor ... until a different ruling the week after that.

1 year ago

Expedia’s Tax Problems Go Global With VAT Challenges in Europe

Despite 88 filed lawsuits in the U.S. -- and now VAT issues in Europe -- the hotel occupancy tax issue has mostly been manageable for Expedia and the other online travel agencies. The sky indeed has not fallen.

1 year ago

Disneyland Seeks Sweetheart Deal on Gate-Tax Waiver for Expansion

Disney has had a 20-year exemption from paying entertainment tax in Anaheim, California and wants to extend it another 30 years in exchange for a $1 billion expansion of Disneyland Resort. The rich get richer.

1 year ago

Florida Supreme Court Gives Expedia and Booking Sites a Big Tax Break

This is a big defeat for cities and towns -- in Florida. There should be a national policy on online travel agencies' hotel tax obligations to sort through all of the confusion.

1 year ago

Hotels Want to Tax Expedia for Competition’s Sake

The online travel agencies have lots of competitive advantages over hotels and the sales tax disparity is one of them.

2 years ago