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Chinese Tourists Avoid Taiwan as Political Tensions Rise

Tourism boards hate playing politics, but when situations get extreme the smart ones speak out about what's in their best interest.

1 month ago

Chinese Tourists Are Staying Away From Taiwan Because Both Countries Are Playing Politics

With Taiwan being a convenient destination for Chinese travelers--the world's largest outbound market--to get to, it seems like a lose-lose for both countries as they continue to be at odds.

4 months ago

Taiwan Tourism Turns to YouTube Contest for New Campaign

This has all the markings -- QR codes, user-generated content, YouTube -- of a campaign that's more hype that effect, but we're happy to see them try.

2 years ago

Hawaiian Airlines Ends Service to Taipei, Cuts Flights to Seoul

There's definitely interest in Hawaii in Japan, China, and Korea, but Hawaiian Airlines hasn't caught on as the carrier of choice -- and higher hotel prices aren't helping things, either.

3 years ago

Taiwan Lifts Daily Limit on Individual Mainland Chinese Tourists

One reason for the limit is the risk of tourists overstaying their visas to work illegally in Taiwan, but the economic benefits of more visitors is starting to outweigh the risk leading to the increase in the daily limit.

3 years ago

China Airlines and Tiger Airways Are Launching a Budget Airline in Taiwan

Airline competition in Asia is really heating up in the low cost carrier sector, and obviously some of these new entrants are not going to make it over the long term.

3 years ago

Taiwan Doesn’t Like That Apple Maps Puts it in China

Add "spark international incident" to the long list of Apple Maps' woes.

3 years ago

Most Powerful Typhoon of 2013 Heads For Hong Kong, Disrupts Flights

3 years ago

Taiwan offers free Wi-Fi to all foreign tourists

Taiwan’s move is great for tourists and should set a precedent for other countries looking to attract visitors. Look to other countries rolling out Wi-Fi service that enables visitors to check email or get basic information about the destination in their own language.

3 years ago

Taiwan ramps up its tourism efforts, starting in Thailand

It’s not just Western countries looking to benefit from the blooming Asian market, and Taiwan is smart to focus its efforts with competition abound.

4 years ago

Taiwan tourism promotes its performance in Life Of Pi to attract the film’s fans

Taiwan is never mentioned as the setting of the film so it’ll need to push itself as the true source of scenery to see a tourism boost, much like New Zealand made itself synonymous with Middle-Earth.

4 years ago

Taiwanese no longer need a visa to travel to the U.S. starting November 1

Besides saving tourists $146, the visa-waiver program with one of Taiwan’s most visited destinations is a political success for a its leader, who has added 74 countries to the program since his election.

4 years ago