Expedia’s Updated Tablet Apps Streamline Hotel and Flight Search in Single View

Why didn't someone think of this before? (Perhaps someone did.) It isn't the end-all, be-all in travel search, but it is a step ahead in ease of use.

New Bike-Share Program in Copenhagen Comes With Onboard Tablets

Copenhagen's bike-share program puts others to shame. But, puleez, this would never work in a city like New York City. Fuhgettaboutit.

The Top 18 Travel Stats You Need to Know to Start Your Work Week

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Delta Invests in Nokia Phablets on Road to Personalized In-Flight Purchases

Airlines are targeting in-flight sales as the next big revenue driver, but first better tech is needed to tailor product offerings to certain passengers and increase the likelihood of purchase.

Gogo Teams with Samsung in Free Wi-Fi Promotion for a Year

Gogo's partnership with Samsung is the kind that Wi-Fi providers cherish. There's no need to mail anything in, to present a coupon or enter a promotion code. Samsung tablet users just launch a browser and get directed right to a Gogo log-in page.

WestJet Will Rent Tablets For Wi-Fi To Passengers Who Don’t Have Them

Providing tablets for passengers who didn't bring a computing device is a nice add-on service, and WestJet will make a few bucks (Canadian) out of the program.

Report: The Cellphone Is Underrated as a Travel Inspiration Tool

Tablets are trendy and we love them, but mobile phones are in consumers' pockets, pocketbooks, hands or just a few feet away, and travelers are using them to dream of their romantic getaway in Tahiti (or Namibia).

Airlines Can Turn to Tablets to Speed Up Lines During Holiday Travel

Airlines have been faster at rolling out tablets to in-flight crews than airport employees, but both places present valuable opportunities for carriers to improve the customer experiences.

Desktop Still Dominates the Travel Planning and Booking Process

Travel companies slow to set up mobile functionality may be comforted by this news, but mobile usage will only continue to rise due to changing consumer habits and the growth of travel in emerging economies where mobile devices are more common than desktops.