Eurostar Strike to Bring More Misery For European Travelers

Although Eurostar says it plans to only cancel a couple of trains a day, the knock-on effect to other services will likely mean that anyone traveling during the period faces some level of disruption.

Lufthansa’s Flight Attendants Gearing up For Yet Another Strike This Week

Inroads from the Gulf carriers have exacerbated the conflict between Lufthansa and its unions. It looks like things are going to get uglier as neither side seems ready for a compromise.

Allegiant Pilots Plan to Strike as Airline Sues to Block It

Allegiant acknowledges that a strike would cost it millions of dollars a day and would leave travelers stuck without options because from many of the smaller cities it flies from Allegiant provides the only scheduled service.

Air France Pilots to Extend Strike To September 26

The Air France pilots strike is a clash of trends past and present: the historic power of labor in France and certain other parts of Europe versus an aviation industry that is reinventing itself.

Lufthansa cancels 500 flights in anticipation of labor strike Thursday

Lufthansa will be forced to find another way to work towards higher profits than a two-year pay freeze and longer hours for employees -- unless it fancies a series of labor outburst and customer cancellations.

Iberia’s second round of strikes begin as Spain’s tourism industry in turmoil

Spain, hugely dependent on tourism, will hurt even more with Iberia struggles, as its ailing economy sputters through 2013.

Iberia’s largest labor strike slashes daily flights by 40 percent

Interruptions to rail and air services have occurred with increasing frequency in Spain over the past year, which actually diminishes the strikes’ goal of protecting Iberia workforce from IAG budget cuts.

Labor strike strands thousands of passengers at two German airports

The national angst caused by travelers looking for a way out of the Germany for the second day in a row was augmented on Friday when Berlin’s airport became the third to suspend flights following an accident.

Iberia confirms labor strike dates throughout February and March

Nothing positive ever comes for airline management when crews turn to strikes, but IAG has remained steadfast in its goal of cutting costs leaving little room for compromise.

Iberia’s unions plan to strike following failed talks with management

The gap between what the unions are looking for and AIG is offering is so wide that the likelihood of a compromise before the potential strike date of February 18th seems extremely slim.