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U.S. Airlines’ Stocks Rise Amid Dropping Fuel Costs, Overplayed Ebola Concerns

Fears of Ebola haven't kept travelers at home with high passenger volumes and dropping fuel costs leading to an optimistic outlook for U.S. airlines.

2 years ago

Is Priceline’s Stock Split Coming Soon, Following Apple?

Priceline is the most expensive single stock on the S&P 500, and if it wants to become more accessible with a wider investor base, it might look at the reception to Apple's move and follow.

3 years ago

TripAdvisor Joins 5 Other Travel Companies on Nasdaq-100 Index

Getting added to the Nasdaq-100 Index is an accomplishment. Staying on it is another challenge.

3 years ago

Will Priceline’s $1,000-Plus Share Price Lead it to Split its Stock?

Priceline has been here before -- right before the first internet bubble burst. Knowing this history, it will likely tread lightly.

3 years ago

Why Wall Street Heaps Love on Priceline and Disses Expedia

You have to wonder whether Priceline relished breaking the $1,000 per share barrier or eclipsed the mark fearfully. With such records come very great expectations.

3 years ago

Shanghai’s New Free-Trade Zone Will Boost Airlines’ Shares, Analysts Say

Shanghai-based stocks have already risen since the government announced its plan to develop the city into a global financial and shipping center by 2020, and these analyst statements suggest that will continue. However, they also warn that boost won't continue at the same rate forever, and that many companies on the Shanghai Index will only show improved earnings in the "medium term."

3 years ago

Airlines See Best Boost Since April After Delta Joins S&P 500

Delta joins Southwest as the only two airlines in the S&P 500, and its replacement in that index is the strongest signal yet of the industry's recovery from a decade of grim financials.

3 years ago

European Travel and Leisure Stocks Stumble Amidst Concerns of Syria Strike

Crude oil prices are already climbing on speculation that conflict in Syria will impact oil supplies. Airlines' third-quarter earnings will be significantly impacted if costs continue to rise.

3 years ago

U.S. Airline Executives Worry Syria Strike Will Spike Fuel Costs

Political actions are directly tied to oil prices and the slightest rise in costs could have a damaging impact on airlines' third-quarter profits.

3 years ago

Alaska Air will begin paying shareholders a quarterly dividend

With the call Alaska answered the hungry calls of Wall St., where analysts noting its profits were starting to wonder when the company would begin to pay out.

3 years ago

Warren Buffett rails against airline investing

Berkshire Hathaway is a big transportation investor -- in rail. Despite the changed conditions in the airline industry since Warren Buffett invested in US Air, some of what he says still rings true: "You’ve got huge fixed costs, you’ve got strong labor unions and you’ve got commodity pricing. That is not a great recipe for success."

3 years ago

Why the “Mad Money” host is bullish about online booking sites

Cramer thinks Orbitz is a distance third to Priceline and Expedia as an investment. That's quite a distance.

4 years ago