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London Will Again Be the Most Popular City for International Visitors in 2015

Another year reveals that arrivals and visitor growth in Asia continues to be the real story of international travel.

1 year ago

Today Is the 10th Anniversary of Asia’s Devastating Tsunami

Considering the speed with which the region responded and bounced back, the devastation that was wrought ten years ago is still hard to imagine.

2 years ago

The Sri Lankan Hotel Chain That’s Re-Imagining the Eco Hotel

The existing green scene of hotels is a fringe element at best. Jetwing's non-traditional approach to the challenges of running an environmentally sound resort business is refreshing.

3 years ago

Sri Lankan Tourism Adjust to Post-Conflict Influx

Violence may no longer be as big a threat, but as in Myanmar there are still bad things happening here just beyond the spotlight.

3 years ago

China Uses Airport Project in Sri Lanka to Expand its Influence

China is demonstrating its power in developing nations around the world by funding massive transportation and infrastructure projects that increase both its influence and it's know-how.

3 years ago

Sri Lanka Copies Macau in Hopes of Luring Wealthy Gamblers

Sri Lanka's leaders are looking to the success of Singapore's and Macau's gaming economies to draw a blue print for their own tourism revival. However, changes will also impact the beach and religious tourism that Sri Lanka has long be known for.

3 years ago

Sri Lanka Is Working to Double the Number of Saudi Tourists

3 years ago

Chinese Tourist Arrivals in Sri Lanka Grow Significantly in First Half of 2013

The hike in Chinese tourism to Sri Lanka is part organic due to their relatively close locations and part due to a series of initiatives launched by Sri Lanka's tourism authority to make the most of the fortunate trend.

3 years ago

Unprofitable Sri Lankan Airlines looks to cut costs with revitalized Airbus fleet

Airbus’ flexibility in leasing aircraft to the loss-making airline in the short and long-term won it the deal over Boeing who relentlessly pushed its 787 Dreamliner without an interim offer.

3 years ago

Sri Lanka tourism hopes British Airways’ return is its ticket to growth

Just one carrier can make a significant impact on struggling tourism economies and this case highlights how reliant destinations are on attracting and keeping global routes.

4 years ago

Sri Lanka to start tracking tourists, for “safety reasons”

4 years ago

Sri Lanka bans land sales to foreigners: There’s goes a villa on Bay of Bengal

Sri Lanka isn’t interested in the small boost in tourism it receives from private homes built on its plentiful beaches when that land could be turned into massive moneymaking resorts.

4 years ago