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Southwest Has Tentative Deal With Flight Attendants After 3 Years of Talks

Southwest has been looking more like a traditional U.S. carrier with these long-standing labor issues than like the model of efficiency and profit it usually is.

1 month ago

Southwest Outage Price Tag Estimated at $54 Million

Low-cost carrier Southwest will see its cost per seat mile rise about 2 percent in the third quarter because of a bum router that blew. Ironic that a router led to so much havoc with the carrier's route map and schedules. Delta, which experienced an unrelated meltdown this week, will take a little longer to estimate the financial impact.

2 months ago

Delta CEO Apologizes for Canceled Flights

Delta's offer of compensation to passengers will help soften the blow but it must make sure the same thing doesn't happen again. Like all good airline CEOs, Ed Bastian knows when to issue a strategic apology.

3 months ago

Southwest Airlines Board Backs CEO Kelly

There's no great outcry among shareholders for the Southwest board to oust CEO Kelly and COO Van de Ven. Until that happens, the unions are likely shouting into the wind.

3 months ago

Southwest Unions Call For The CEO’s Head — Skift Business Traveler

Southwest CEO Gary Kelly is dismissing union calls for his ouster but if profits slip, or there is another major tech outage, then the CEO's future will get more interesting.

3 months ago

Southwest’s Baggage Handlers Join Chorus of Critics of the Airline’s CEO

3 months ago

Southwest Airlines Still Canceling Flights for Third day in a row

The network router outage is dealing havoc with Southwest's schedules as crews have found themselves out of position for their next flights.

3 months ago

Southwest Had a Good Q2, But Its Low Fares Are Hurting Profits

As United and Delta reported as well, Southwest is seeing softening demand from business travelers. That's not a great sign for the entire travel industry, and not just airlines.

3 months ago

Southwest Planes Grounded in Second Outage in 9 Months

Southwest isn't talking yet about the precise cause of the outage but it has been transitioning its reservations system with the launch of international service over the last year and the airline needs to get its act together.

3 months ago

Top 10 Airline Sites in the U.S., UK and India for June 2016

Budget airlines' strategy of focusing on direct bookings allows them to grab a larger share of web traffic and gain ground in the direct booking wars.

3 months ago

U.S. Airlines Are Replacing Old Planes With Second-Hand Jets

Buying used gives airlines an edge with aircraft makers looking for higher prices on new jets, too. And since airlines finally have some cash in the bank to play around with they have a greater freedom to make deals that are right for them.

6 months ago

Top-Spending Travel Brands for U.S. TV Advertising So Far This Year

The first quarter is a popular time for travelers to start planning spring break and summer travel. Based on TV spending estimates for the first quarter, it's clear that the top spending brands such as Southwest Airlines, Trivago.com and Royal Caribbean are bent on getting Americans enamored with the thought of summer vacations.

6 months ago