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The Rise of Civil Rights Tourism in America’s Deep South

Historically, tourism in the Deep South steered clear of discussing slavery and Jim Crow, instead leaning on less contentious topics like country music and antebellum architecture. But now, civil rights museums are becoming an important part of the South's tourism landscape, even if many state tourism boards haven't gotten on the bandwagon.

2 months ago

Southern Georgia Reminds Tourists: We Have Lots of Alligators

When tourism growth meets hungry alligators, it's a good idea to put up a few warning signs.

2 months ago

Charleston, SC Still Hasn’t Settled Its Cruise Terminal Issues

Outside of a sports stadium, we can think of few things outside of a cruise terminal which do more to negatively impact the people who live next door in a way that only benefits people who live far away.

6 months ago

Tourism is Now a $19 Billion Industry in South Carolina

South Carolina has posted record numbers of visitation for the last three years, and the state tourism office is building on that with a new food tourism campaign this year.

8 months ago

The U.S. Southeast Left to Wonder Where the Canadian Tourists Went

On the flip side, it's a good season for inbound Canadian travel from the U.S.

11 months ago

Charleston, S.C. Tourism Tries to Break Free From Its Quaint Garden Stereotype

It may want to break out of the stereotype, but it does the stereotype pretty well.

1 year ago

The Ellis Island of Slavery Takes Shape as Museum in South Carolina

Great to see Charleston not continue to gloss over the reason why the town was so prosperous. It may make the city more hospitable to a wider range of visitors.

2 years ago

Local Challenge to New Cruise Ship Terminal in Charleston Countered by Port Authority

Locals don't want Charleston to turn into a cruise nightmare, with Carnival cruisers using their city as parking lot and party spot.

2 years ago

Tropical Storm Could Spur Massive Tourism Losses July 4th Weekend

The summer tourism season along the East Coast of the U.S. could get off to a rocky start over the July 4th weekend with a tropical storm threatening to turn into a hurricane.

2 years ago

South Carolina Tourism Officials Mull Impact of North’s Brutal Winter

Northern schools may stay open later to make up for snow days leading to a slow season start, but officials hope northerners' longing for the sun will lead to a stronger season overall.

3 years ago

Columbia, S.C. Is Trying to Change Visitors’ Perception of the City

Columbia doesn't have the beaches or mountains that attract visitors to other regions of the state so it's curiously okay with branding itself as the very hot destination that offers only museums as respite from the sun.

3 years ago

South Carolina Court Okays $35 Million Cruise Terminal in Charleston

The court's decision ends a two-year battle fought by Charleston-based environmental groups and neighborhood associations that argued cruise ships would increase air pollution, traffic congestion, and nuisances in the historic downtown area.

3 years ago