Salt Lake City Wants Skiers to Carpool to Help Solve Traffic Woes

Unless there's an incentive for skiers to let strangers ride with them, we don't see this becoming a viable solution to ease ski resort traffic congestion.

Utah Ski Resorts Had Their Best Year Ever and Set a New Record for Visitors

Utah's ski resorts represent how different resorts and attractions working together towards a common goal can lead to big pay-offs for a state's tourism economy.

Climate Change Hits Chile’s Winter Ski Resorts

That lack of consistency from one season to another is a greater threat to the mountain resort industry than anything.

Oregon Ski Areas Claim They Need Liability Protection to Survive

No one wants to claim ultimate responsibility in these cases, least of all the often small, rural businesses that can quickly be significantly impacted by one or several lawsuits.

The California Ski Industry’s Fight for Survival in the Era of Climate Change

Expensive, high-tech equipment is needed to keep snow on resorts mountains pushing small operations out of existence as larger resorts with means manage to survive despite dropping snow levels.

Small California Ski Resorts Struggle After 4 Years of Droughts

Seasonal tourism can be quickly impacted by changing weather patterns and similar struggles are impacting small to medium-sized businesses around the world.