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Korean Millennials and the Evolution of the Love Hotel

There's always a new opportunity if you keep your eye on the trends being driven by a new generation of consumers.

1 year ago

Korean Taxi-Hail App Beat Uber in Seoul, Now It’s Coming to New York City

A key to success being working with officials to get things right? Uber has learned that works in New York, if nowhere else.

1 year ago

World’s Top Airports for Passenger Experience and Traveler Satisfaction

With these awards passengers help prove larger and busier airports are capable of providing great service but smaller airports definitely have an advantage because they can often do a better job at serving less passengers more efficiently and seem to make up the majority of these awards.

2 years ago

Korea’s Incheon Airport Desperately Wants to Lure the Gambling Chinese Middle Class

Korea's whole "gambling just for foreign travelers" concept should be a red flag for anyone who's looking for long-term sustainability.

2 years ago

Uber CEO Kalanick Indicted as Asian Authorities Crack Down on E-Hail Service

First the Korean Air 'nut rage' executive, then Uber's Kalanick; Korea is not messing around today when it comes to indicting travel executives.

2 years ago

Chinese Tourists Will Make South Korea Their Top Destination in 2014

The easing of visa requirements, increased lift, and the relatively low cost of living is turning South Korea into the premier destination for Chinese tourists.

2 years ago

Hawaiian Airlines Ends Service to Taipei, Cuts Flights to Seoul

There's definitely interest in Hawaii in Japan, China, and Korea, but Hawaiian Airlines hasn't caught on as the carrier of choice -- and higher hotel prices aren't helping things, either.

3 years ago

Seoul Continues to Capitalize on K-Pop Culture with Cosmetic Surgery Tourism

First shopping, then wedding photos, now cosmetic surgery. The culture created by K-Pop and globalized by 'Gangnam Style' continues to drive tourists to Seoul in an attempt to copy the lives portrayed in music videos. This is a good example of how soft power impacts tourism.

3 years ago

Free Wi-Fi for Tourists: Cities that Are Leading the Way

As cities invest in Wi-Fi to become more tourist-friendly, they're changing the standard to which travelers are accustomed. At the rate it's going now, the hospitality industry will have to scramble to catch up.

3 years ago

Seoul Incheon airport considers a new runway just for low-cost carriers

Incheon will likely build shops and create services that target the needs and budgets of flyers who are less Louis Vuitton and more Uniqlo.

4 years ago