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American’s software meltdown yesterday probably won’t be its last

Mergers are the most likely cause for software breakdowns; a bad omen for American and merging partner US Airways who will now be even more vigilant in integrating their IT systems.


Travelport’s woes may put a crimp in its controller Blackstone’s travel ambitions

Travelports' woes demonstrate the challenges ahead for its GDS peers Sabre and Apollo. One day -- and that day will be soon -- a new generation of online travel agencies and smarter airline websites will render their current services obsolete.

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American Airlines and Sabre settle dispute after wild disclosures in court

After years of bickering, marketing spin and battles for the hearts and minds of travel agents, American Airlines and Sabre settled their protracted dispute apparently after airing their dirty linen out in the open was too much to take.


American Airlines says Sabre contributed to judge’s charity too

Was either American Airlines or Sabre trying to influence the judge by contributing to his charity? There is apparently nothing to indicate that. Small world, huh?


American Airlines-Sabre antitrust suit judge gets tossed on eve of trial start

Bike-gate it isn't as American Airlines says it unknowingly donated bicycles to an orphanage supported by the judge. A delay in Wednesday's scheduled trial start in the antitrust case seems likely.


Qantas renews agreements with Sabre, Amadeus, and Galileo

Although its contracts were up this year, where else is there to go?

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American Airlines gets win over Sabre and Orbitz as judge allows antitrust case to proceed

It's a strange world when American Airlines is the little guy battling against forces it says are conspiring to squeeze out competition.


UK budget chain Travelodge opens inventory to Sabre’s tech

The well-liked budget chain will now be available to agents looking at inventory via Sabre tools.