Even as Tourism Numbers Drop, Rio’s Olympic Organizers Remain Optimistic

We want to believe that, like the World Cup, Rio's Olympics will be a success. But it's really hard to keep on believing they will be given these numbers, and the recent resignation of the country's tourism minister, following accusations he accepted improper campaign gifts.

Olympics President Is Confident Rio Games Will Be Safe

Rio's recent turn as World Cup host puts it in a good position to assess threats.

TAM Airlines Celebrates Rio’s 450th Birthday With a Copacabana Paint Job

It's lovely to see an airline get into the spirit of local celebrations, especially one as significant as this. Parabéns, Rio de Janeiro! Os melhores desejos para os próximos 450 anos.

Fresh Off the World Cup, Rio Announces Prices for Olympic Tickets

It's not often that a destination gets a World Cup rehearsal prior to the Olympics. Brio and brazil know what they are doing.

Interview: Brazil’s Tourism President on the World Cup Disaster That Wasn’t

The World Cup went off without any of the disasters discussed in the run-up to the actual games providing a steady ground upon which Brazil can continue to build its tourism economy.

Brazil’s World Cup Tourism Is Small Potatoes Compared to Carnival Season

Brazil will pull it off.

Rio Mayor Says His Sea of Trash Is Staying Put for the Olympics

Talk about giving up a little too soon. The Olympics may not be everyone's cup of tea, but you know what else isn't? A giant sea of feces, garbage, and broken promises.

Brazilian Health Officials Raid World Cup Hotels, Find Expired Food in Kitchens

Nothing like a stick of rancid butter to put off both players and first-time visitors during this summer's World Cup. Smart of Brazil's health officials to start cracking down now.

World Cup Fans Can Find Heavy Discounts on Hotel Rooms

Of course, airfare and game tickets will eat up most if not all savings on hotel rooms.

World Cup Fans Find Rooms With Rio’s Airbnb Hosts and Love Hotels

This will either be a surprising, stunning success or a total and utter disaster.