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Uber and Lyft Work With Cities to Replace Public Buses

Uber and Lyft could be part of urban innovation plans to streamline public transit but increased traffic and fumes could be a roadblock in some cases.

2 months ago

Ridesharing and Car Services May Join Forces Sooner Than You Think

The irony of this conversation, unfortunately for car services, is that ridesharing trips already account for nearly half of ground transportation spending expensed through U.S. companies. So the fingerpointing and recriminations continue.

3 months ago

CEO Interview: The 15-Year-Old Corporate Travel Company That Wants to Be a Startup

Deem will try to become more relevant by reducing its product offerings and adopting a more focused approach to developing travel solutions. But in an extremely crowded marketplace, it may be a case of too little, too late.

5 months ago

How Ridesharing Can Go Beyond Travel to Solve Urban Public-Transportation Problems

It's probably only a matter of time before governments and other public services begin to leverage the power of ridesharing services for the public good.

6 months ago

Gett Would Control Half of London’s Taxi Market With Proposed Acquisition

That's one way to both one-up your chief rival and solve your regulation challenges in one fell swoop.

7 months ago

Expedia Continues Investment Spree With Airport Ride Startup Wingz

What do you get the online travel agency that seemingly has everything it can have? Several majority investments, apparently, as Expedia is on an investment spree of sorts across various sectors of the travel industry.

9 months ago

GM Launches Maven Brand to Compete With Zipcar and Uber, Too

It doesn't matter whether Maven succeeds. GM is trying multiple things here, and has the potential to disrupt everything from car rentals to taxi hailing. Really: GM.

9 months ago

Why Uber’s One-Size-Fits All Approach Didn’t Work in Spain

As Uber dips its toes in the logistics and delivery industry it has to be careful of how thin it spreads itself as its core product faces scrutiny around the world.

1 year ago

United Teams With Ride-Sharing App at Newark Airport

The Bandwagon app's matching system is a smart way to reduce congestion and wait times without impacting current transportation infrastructure. If it's a success, we expect the service to expand quickly.

2 years ago

Auto Industry Bets on Ridesharing With $24 Million Getaround Funding

With just $40 million in the bank, don't expect Getaround to make good on its pledge to launch in "all major U.S. cities in the next year," but this latest funding round, in tandem with other fundings in this space, shows that ground transportation and ridesharing is the hottest thing going at the moment.

2 years ago

Concur Adds Multi-Modal Transport Options From Rome2Rio

Rome2Rio surfaces transport options from ridesharing to rail that represent the future of business travel. Concur is smart to get on board early.

2 years ago

Lyft Is Defiant in Face of NYC Opposition to Its Launch

Lyft has quite a few bucks to bankroll penalized drivers in NYC for awhile, but this confrontation with the NYC Taxi & Limousine Commission is going to heat up and is headed for the courts.

2 years ago