Branson Says Several Suitors Vying for Virgin Australia Stake

Lamenting the potential loss of the Virgin America brand after Alaska Airlines acquired it last month, Branson will conceivably do what he can to make sure the same scenario doesn't come to pass with Virgin Australia.

The Death of Virgin America’s Brand and the Aftermath of the Alaska Airlines Sale

First let's get the record straight, we were totally wrong about Delta wanting to add Virgin America as a boutique property to its collection. In the end, Alaska Airlines got it and we’re just not sure what Alaska will do with it; it would seem Alaska isn’t sure either.

Richard Branson Really Wants Millennials Onboard Virgin Cruise Line

Not a bad idea, but let's wait until he actually delivers the ships before millennials start sending in their deposits. If Virgin Hotels is any indication, we may be waiting long past 2020 for the next hot demographic to sign up.

Virgin Australia Pays Branson Extraordinary Royalties to Keep Brand Name

Amid a rough cost-cutting war in Australia, Virgin Australia is hedging its bets by putting the Virgin brand before all other assets as it attempts to attract customers and maintain profitable airfares.

Richard Branson Gets First Tour of Virgin Atlantic’s First Dreamliner

Virgin Atlantic is making a big bet on these Dreamliners. The airline's entire fleet currently stands at around 40, and within four years as it takes delivery of these new 787s, the Dreamliner will constitute more than half of Virgin Altantic's fleet.

Virgin Hotels Video Teases Travelers with Guest Experience Promises

Virgin Hotels could become a victim of its own hype. By building interest in this less than overt and trendy campaign, it may be setting itself up to fall short of guests' expectations.

Space Tourists Are Happy to Wait, Says Virgin Galactic’s Richard Branson

People may be peeved they're not headed to space on schedule, but few really want to push Branson to launch before it's ready.

Virgin Galactic Delays Flight Launch Again to Early 2015

Virgin Galactic should stop setting launch dates. Space travel is neat enough without having to build anticipation, only to disappoint.

UK Wants to Launch Commercial Space Flights From Scotland by 2018

The conversation is part of Britain's economic initiatives to keep Scotland part of the UK in the run-up to a secession vote. We're doubtful that the small investment and conflicting motives will result in an actual spaceport.

Richard Branson Invests $30 Million in Bitcoin Payment Processor

With Virgin Galactic passengers being able to pay in bitcoin, Richard Branson's investment in BitPay means he is putting serious money behind this payment gamble, although it may not turn out to be one of his most prudent investments.