Expedia’s Covert Weapon: Flyers’ Airline Reviews

Lots of consumers start their trip-planning with flights. Expedia will use its customer reviews of flights to spur more flight bookings but the company is also focusing on up-selling and facilitating smooth navigation to hotel and vacation-package options.

Expedia Says It’s Serious About Tours and Activities This Time Around

Expedia is finally poised -- and its technology investments confirm it -- to give TripAdvisor's Viator a run for its money in tours and activities. It's an uphill climb but with mobile coming into its own, the decision is a no-brainer.

What’s the Value of a Hotel Star Rating in a TripAdvisor World?

While a five-star rating still signals that a property has class, it's not always sufficient in making clear what guests can expect beyond the high-quality service and amenities.

TripAdvisor’s Reviews Won’t Change Even as It Becomes the Next Big Booking Site

Would adding verified reviews to TripAdvisor detract from the perceived value of reviews that aren't overtly tied to transactions? Not necessarily. A hybrid system could work but TripAdvisor isn't going there for now.

Online Reviews in an Airbnb World Are Much More Positive

A fascinating peek into how user reviews get changed in a sharing economy platform site like Airbnb, but this paper leaves the possibility of tons more research that could be done from here.

Expedia Collaborates With Hotels to Counter Negative Guest Reviews

It is interesting that Expedia touts the new feedback tool for hoteliers as a way to discourage negative reviews instead of as a means for improving customer service. There is something wrong with the juxtaposition.

The Most Reviewed Destinations on TripAdvisor in 2014

Volume of reviews mirrors actual visitor volume suggesting that TripAdvisor provides a fair representation of visitors and opinions for each destination.

Tour Operators Look to TripAdvisor for User Reviews, Warts and All

Nothing speaks to TripAdvisor's ascendance than travel operators literally begging for the service to allow users to review their products.

Yelp’s Interest in Buying Japanese Review Website Shut Down by Owner

Yelp's interest in buying Tabelog is an example of its active attempts to expand internationally, which it continues to do through acquisitions and internal U.S. teams.

Spottly Raises $850,000 to Build Video Travel App

Although video content is becoming more popular and easier to consume, the number of travelers that reference peer-written reviews and guides also continues to grow.