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OpenTable Tears Down Its Walls With New Multilingual Capabilities

OpenTable is upping its language skills, although it still is in the early stages of making its restaurant relationships more global.

4 days ago

TripAdvisor CEO Kaufer Defiantly Vows to Stay Committed to Instant Booking

Two headlines here: TripAdvisor CEO remains adamantly committed to Instant Booking -- and he isn't going anywhere anytime soon. He's still excited about his gig.

3 weeks ago

Airbnb Tests Standalone Guide and Restaurants App

Airbnb is going to be a player in local activities and possibly restaurant reservations, both of which are a focus of its new -- and still unreleased -- app. Google aims to get more involved as well.

2 months ago

Is The UK Restaurant Sector Heading For a Fall?

Restaurants and cafes continue to open at a steady rate across the UK but if the economy falters, operators could be in for a nasty surprise.

2 months ago

Yelp Makes a Profit and Beats Estimates as Stock Takes Off

Yelp has a tremendous opportunity in local advertising but there is also intense competition. One big caution is that half of Yelp's traffic comes from Google and that makes it way too dependent on a company which isn't exactly a fan.

2 months ago

Google Is Killing Zagat’s 30-Point Rating System in Its Restaurant App

The new Zagat — which jettisons the old 30-point rating scale in favor of a more familiar five-point system — will have a more obvious influence from Google, its owner since 2011.

3 months ago

TripAdvisor CEO’s Answer to Critic: We’ve Done More Than ‘Experts’ Ever Could

TripAdvisor has taken a few lumps in the UK and the bashing by a prominent UK critic in The Guardian undoubtedly was a factor in Kaufer's decision to pen a rare, formal response to a pundit.

3 months ago

Beyond TripAdvisor Hotel Bookings: Its Tours and Restaurants on Track to Become $500 Million Business

Don't miss the forest for the trees: TripAdvisor is evolving into a well-rounded travel planning AND booking site. If hotel bookings on TripAdvisor eventually fall short of expectations it would be a big blow, but then tours and activities, restaurant reservations, vacation rentals, hotel metasearch and reviews can all play a role in taking up some of the slack.

4 months ago

Exclusive: Kayak to Launch Restaurants, Tours and Activities Comparison-Shopping Features

Engineering geeks like big, tough problems and the coders at Kayak are attempting to take on the challenges of comparing diverse restaurants in a city and also the attributes of this hop-on hop-off Beverly Hills tour versus a competitor's. And you thought comparing various flights with bag fees was tough?

6 months ago

What Smart Hotels Are Doing to Create Successful Restaurants Now

Hoteliers know that both travelers and locals alike are tired of stuffy dining rooms and interminable multi-course meals. They're bringing in a wider swath of customers through experimentation and partnerships with skilled restauranteurs.

10 months ago

Hotels Are Learning How to Succeed From Indie Restauranteurs

Hoteliers are embracing travelers who want hotels to reflect local character and looking to move away from the bland experience of homogenous big box hotels. But hotels are still playing catch up on many restaurant trends that are becoming common across the globe.

1 year ago

OpenTable CEO Steps Aside as Restaurant Reservations Platform Eyes International Expansion

As is the case with the Priceline Group's handling of Kayak, it is clear that Priceline isn't doubling down on investing in OpenTable. With Booking.com the parent company's overwhelming priority, the international growth of OpenTable will take place at a measured pace, opening opportunities for others.

1 year ago