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Thailand Opens Its First Halal Hotel in Attempt to Broaden Its Tourist Base

Thailand is smart to broaden its base, but we'd also like to see it address its bigger issues that are keeping other visitors away.

2 months ago

Bosnia Sees Influx of Tourists and Second-Home Buyers from Gulf States

Any time a destination sees a swift demographic change among inbound tourism it needs to make sure it has a plan in place to protect locals as well as help them take part in the new opportunities.

2 months ago

Kentucky’s New $100 Million Attraction Shuns Science and Education

Whether or not you agree that this is complete nonsense, there's enough history to understand that big projects like this rarely deliver on promises for tourism. Related: If you want to find us, we'll be on the state's bourbon trail.

4 months ago

Passover Travel Is Growing Into a New Tourism Niche

Great opportunity here for hotels and tour companies to create specialty products for travelers with clear demands. And a great way for travelers to rethink tradition, too.

6 months ago

5 Charts Showing Challenges Faced by Muslim Travelers Around the World

These data points outlining massive amounts of visitor arrivals and spending should be enough to convince travel brands that the time has come to show these travelers that they matter.

7 months ago

Japanese Temples Are Opening Their Doors to Foreign Tourists

Religious tourism has rarely not worked, but if not done right it cheapens a destination just like any other poorly executed tourism project.

10 months ago

Survey: Minority of Americans Want Muslim Tourists Banned From the U.S.

Despite the headlines and the campaign rhetoric, an overwhelming majority of Americans don't want Muslim tourists banned from visiting the United States.

10 months ago

Destinations From Orlando to Oman Are Catering to Halal Tourism

You can't appeal to every taste, but you can make concessions that offer a more welcoming environment to the broadest set of visitors. Smart destinations know this.

1 year ago

Switzerland’s Proposed Burqa Ban Would Hurt Tourism Rebound

A country should do what's best for its residents not tourists, but sometimes when times are tough residents don't make the best decisions for themselves.

1 year ago

Pope Tourism in Philadelphia Fails to Turn Into Big Business for Locals

Big even tourism — whether a pope, an Olympics, or a Super Bowl — is rarely the big boon for local businesses that organizers make it out to be.

1 year ago

Russia’s Muslims Cut Back Hajj Travels Due to Plunging Ruble

Any business that relied on Russian traveler — from Miami's glittery beaches and beyond — are faced with a slump in tourism by what had been some of the world's more reliable high-spending visitors.

1 year ago

Pope Visit to Philadelphia Sparks Sharing Economy Bonanza

It's during big events like this where the strength of a platform with a built-in ratings system and safe transactions shows a clear advantage for the consumer and the guest rather than trusting someone on Craigslist.

1 year ago