iPad Apps a Factor in Steep Decline in Fatal Private Plane Crashes

Better technology, including the availability of mobile weather and other apps for pilots, is a contributing factor in a drop in fatalities in private plane crashes. Assuredly there are other factors behind the decline but getting better apps into the hands of pilots and co-pilots, and reducing paperwork so they can concentrate on flying the plane, is definitely a positive development.

The Company Behind the New Crop of Branded Private Jet Vacations

A private jet vacation is a convenient way for the luxury traveler who has seen it all to experience an array of diverse destinations during a single trip.

Etihad Adds Private Jets to Its Suite of Elite Services

Private Jet service as a complement to VIP commercial flights is not a new concept, but what makes this unique is Etihad's choice of Victor, which has a strong network of operator partners and uses a booking app that is similar to a well-know ride sharing app.

Spanish Politicians Oppose Ibiza Airport Expansion For ‘Elitist’ Private Jets

Should local authorities use government monies to ensure Kim Kardashian's private jet doesn't have to circle Ibiza airport too many times waiting for a landing slot or to beautify public places? To some degree, such is the balance that lots of destinations need to determine between tourism and the locals.

Private Jet Pilots at NetJets Are Striking Over Conditions

If you make these guys you make some very important people mad.

Taking a Ride on Delta’s First Private Jet Upgrade

You'll never not make an elite flyer happy by sending her or him by private jet.

5 New Travel Startups Bringing the On-Demand Economy to Private Jets

With private jet services, the question remains whether there's a market big enough to match the startups' ambitions.

Delta Is Putting Its Most Loyal Flyers on Private Jets

The danger in this program is that business and first class on Delta will never be the same.

A New Group of Startup Airlines Attracts Fancy Flyers With Subscription Fees

Some of these new breed of startup airlines have a real chance of making it because they are filling a need that larger airlines have ignored or squandered.

Can a New Private Jet Service Backed by Former DOT Chief and Online Veterans Win Where Others Lost?

There is an opening for moderately priced and nonstop private jet services for business travelers in cities that the larger airlines have abandoned.