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A South Korean pop culture primer for all Gangnam Style tourists

David Thomas, The Daily Telegraph

There's nothing like an international pop phenomenon to get people interested in a new destination. As travelers will see, though, South Korea's soft power has more than just good beats you can dance to.

8 years ago

The lodging industry can rest easy: Stephen King’s The Shining sequel doesn’t happen at a hotel

Andrew Hough, The Daily Telegraph

The horrors of at the fictional Overlook Hotel have likely driven down offseason bookings at scenic lodges for a generation. Here's hoping the sequel will allow a bit of thaw for the industry.

8 years ago

Beatles fans book themed cruise on the world’s largest ship

Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas, which can hold 5,400 passengers, will host a Beatles tribute cruise, but fans of the Fab Four have not booked the entire ship so plenty of other passengers may wonder why they keep hearing Beatles on repeat.

8 years ago

9 years ago