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Asian Tourism Investment Looks Promising Through 2026, But Challenges Loom

As the world's fastest-growing region for tourism it's a good sign that some Asian countries can expect to see healthy travel and tourism investment during the next 10 years. But a number of factors could alter these projections, particularly the Chinese market, as more global tourism trends are tested in this region.

2 days ago

Tourism to the Philippines Also a Casualty of Its President’s Brutal War on Drugs

If history has proven, the kind of violence taking place in the Philippines under Duterte's leadership could have a damaging impact on tourism for many years to come.

1 week ago

Philippines Promises to Modernize Its Woeful Manila Airport

The Philippines has so much to offer, but its infrastructure and security issues mean it is a perennial "wish it could" on the international travel circuit.

1 year ago

Manny Pacquiao Sings Praises of Google Street View for Philippines Tourism

Every country needs a tourism ambassador like Manny Pacquiao who just won't stop talking about how great the destination is, no matter the context.

1 year ago

Philippines Promises Nationwide Free Wi-Fi Service in a Year

Nothing says welcome to visitors from around the world like easy connectivity.

1 year ago

Asian Casinos Will Try Just About Anything to Attract Chinese Gamblers

Every boom is followed by a bust. But before that bust is total and complete, things tend to get a little crazy.

2 years ago

Philippines Prepares for Typhoon With Cancelled Flights

The Philippines doesn't need a repeat of last year's disaster.

2 years ago

The Philippines Wonders if Heritage Sites Can Help Flagging Tourism Industry

Now that it has help from the UN, maybe the Philippines' tourism bosses will rethink their role.

2 years ago

Major Cruise Lines Set to Make the Philippines Their Next Conquest

Turning the Philippines into a major cruise destination would be great news for the 61,700 Filipino crew members who already work for Carnival, Royal Caribbean and Norwegian, the new-hires to come, and the local economy.

2 years ago

Philippines Pushes Single-Visa Plan for ASEAN Nations

The easier the visa regime, the more visitors will come.

2 years ago

FAA Upgrades Philippines Aviation Rating, Clears Way for More Direct Flights to U.S.

The upgrade decisions in the U.S. and Europe are big steps toward airlines in the Philippines being able to expand their networks after safety-ratings downgrades.

3 years ago

It Is Certainly Not More Fun in These Philippines Islands

"You should hire a security guard" is likely the least effective tourism slogan since "Come See Belarus."

3 years ago