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Democratic Delegates Cramming Philadelphia Hotel Rooms as Rates Soar

We'd bet there are plenty of Democratic convention delegates staying in apartment and home rentals in Philly next week while many are sharing hotel rooms. Has the sharing economy made hotels soften their rates? Not much evidence of it yet.

3 months ago

Airbnb’s Potential Impact on Hotels During the Republican and Democratic Conventions

The upcoming Republican and Democratic national conventions may prove to be ideal case studies for whether or not Airbnb can have the potential to disrupt lucrative hotel compression night rates. And if Airbnb does make a mark on hotel rates, hotels will have to seriously rethink their strategies around the monopoly they once had with citywide meetings and events.

4 months ago

What It Meant for Cleveland and Philadelphia to Win National Political Conventions

Philadelphia and Cleveland have invested heavily in their downtown districts and public-private partnerships, so they're viewing their two national political conventions as coming-out parties for the convention industry.

6 months ago

Visit Philadelphia Rocked by Employee Embezzlement Scandal

We've always been impressed both by Visit Philly's work and its results. We suspect the contentious relationship between it and the city's convention bureau — and a desire to keep failings secret lest the latter use it as leverage — had something to do with the poor solution to the problem.

7 months ago

Philadelphia’s New Conventions CEO on Reinventing Old Meetings Ideas

Convention bureaus are shifting their priorities to connect more people from disparate backgrounds, cultures and industries in an effort to drive new business development, competitive advantage, and knowledge sharing.

8 months ago

Philadelphia Picked as Lonely Planet’s Top U.S. Destination for 2016

We're a little tired of picture-perfect destinations that now bank everything on tourism (cough, Charleston, cough), which is why we like this pick from LP.

9 months ago

Philadelphia Is the First UNESCO World Heritage City in the U.S.

Few U.S. cities offer the mix of history, culture, food, and livability as Philly. We are biased, but we will say UNESCO has a winner.

12 months ago

Pope Tourism in Philadelphia Fails to Turn Into Big Business for Locals

Big even tourism — whether a pope, an Olympics, or a Super Bowl — is rarely the big boon for local businesses that organizers make it out to be.

1 year ago

Philadelphia Hotels Drop Prices as Pope Tourism Bookings Cool

Hotels got greedy, now they need to bring prices back to reality.

1 year ago

Pope Visit to Philadelphia Sparks Sharing Economy Bonanza

It's during big events like this where the strength of a platform with a built-in ratings system and safe transactions shows a clear advantage for the consumer and the guest rather than trusting someone on Craigslist.

1 year ago

American Airlines To End U.S.-Israel Flights That Came With US Airways Merger

American's Philly-Tel Aviv flights faced competition from El Al and United from JFK.

1 year ago

Fatal Amtrak Crash Still Holds Unanswered Questions Two Weeks Later

The one thing we do know is that there needs to be a rethink of the U.S.'s transportation networks so that heavily used rail lines don't have to beg for money every year while money flows freely to highways.

1 year ago