Articles tagged “pets”

Queen Mary 2 Debuts Staterooms for Solo Travelers and Expands Kennels

The Queen Mary 2 has long-catered to dogs and their masters, and now even solo travelers are having their day in the sun -- or in their own staterooms, at least.

4 months ago

U.S. Airports Pander to Dogs That Need Relief

U.S. airports need to think more about passenger experience of both the two and, to a lesser extent, the four leg variety on every single level.

6 months ago

Pets Will Stay in Luxury at New JFK Terminal

It appears as though horses, dogs, cows and aardvarks will have everything at the new JFK terminal except free Wi-Fi.

1 year ago

Hotels See Fee Opportunities When Guests Travel With Dogs

Nobody ever asks the dogs if they want to travel in the first place.

1 year ago

Delta Hopes to Improve Its Pet-Fatality Reputation With New GPS Trackers

There's a bigger opportunity here for a third party to create an app and a smart collar that keeps owner and pet connected, no matter the airline.

2 years ago

Republican Congressman Wants to See His Tiny Dog Ride Amtrak

Anything that gets a Republican lawmaker in D.C. to do anything other than want to slash Amtrak into non-existence makes us say "hot dog!"

2 years ago

United Had the Most Pet Fatalities of Any U.S. Airline in 2014

The overall fatality rate -- which isn't included here -- is the true sign for how safe or not the flights were this year.

2 years ago

Aloft Hotel Plays Rescue Dog Matchmaker

We hope they waive the room cleaning fee for new dog owners.

2 years ago

Service Dogs on Airplanes to Get More Scrutiny From Department of Transportation

Passengers playing fast and loose with the rules in order to stay close to their pets and save a little money, too, further degrade the already degraded flying experience.

2 years ago

Airlines Required to Disclose More About Transporting Pets

The new rules on airlines' disclosures on their transport of pets represents a middle ground between what animal rights advocates wanted and what carriers were willing to do. It's a step in the right direction.

2 years ago

Jersey Shore Town to Designate Beach for Dogs to Boost Tourism

Some 61% of hotels and motels in the U.S. now allow pets, according to the American Hotel & Lodging Association, and those numbers are growing. Wildwood, N.J., is savvy enough to realize that accommodating dogs on a beach means accommodating more tourists.

2 years ago

Amtrak Starts Experiment to Allow Pets on Trains for $25 a Ticket

Pets are becoming a lot more common on flights, so why not trains as well? This local experiment could lead to a national phased rollout, Amtrak says.

2 years ago