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SeaWorld Shareholders Have a New Reason to Be Disappointed

SeaWorld answered its most vocal critics earlier this year with the decision to stop breeding killer whales in captivity and move away from using orca shows as entertainment. But the company's performance has continued to suffer, and the dividend announcement is already taking a toll.

7 days ago

Disney Says Zika Is Not Hurting Its Florida Theme Park Business

Disney did not like an analyst's suggestion that Zika could be causing travelers to reconsider trips to Florida parks. The theme park company is working to allay visitors' fears with bug spray and messages about mosquito control, but as long as the virus isn't being transmitted locally, we don't expect the parks to take a serious hit.

2 weeks ago

Orlando Tourism Is Taking a Hit From Brazil’s Woes and Higher Theme Park Prices

The bad news has kept on coming for Orlando, so we aren't surprise by the dip so far in visitor numbers. Industry leaders have said they are working hard to control the threat of mosquitoes, which is important: They need Zika to stay away.

2 weeks ago

Behind Orlando’s New IBM Watson-Powered Travel App

Although Visit Orlando's new AI-powered travel app still has kinks, it shows the power of machine learning to provide more contextual and customized information to travelers — most of the time.

2 weeks ago

Theme Parks in Orlando Are Battling Zika Fears with Bug Spray

Zika is not being locally transmitted in Orlando, but theme park visitors who aren't familiar with Florida's geography might be worried by news reports about the virus. Providing free bug spray is a good way to address those concerns. Also important: behind-the-scenes mosquito control efforts.

4 weeks ago

Universal Orlando Aims to Attract More Conventions With Fifth Hotel

Universal Orlando is trying to increase its convention business because attendees spend way more than leisure travelers.

3 months ago

Tourists Stick to Established Destinations in North America Amid Global Demand Shift

Quintessential North American vacation destinations like Orlando, Las Vegas, and the Caribbean remain popular with travelers despite global vacation booking trends shifting to more diverse countries and cities.

3 months ago

Orlando Tourism: No Mass Cancellations Now But Future Unsure

Despite the tragic news coming out of Orlando this month, inbound travel bookings seem to be remaining steady, according to reports from travel agents, tour operators, and other travel suppliers.

3 months ago

As Top U.S. Destination, Orlando Reflects on its Week of Tragedy

Orlando's violent string of tragedies this week has the entire world mourning for victims and calling for change, but tourism in the city and its theme parks carry on in the mean time.

3 months ago

Orlando Massacre Brings Tragedy to a Destination Famous for Its Happy Places

Tourists will still flock to Orlando, even if their excitement is tempered by brutal reality. But they may need reassurance from authorities and attractions that appropriate security measures are being taken.

3 months ago

Disney’s Already Tight Security Gets a Boost After Orlando Shooting

As with any other horrific terrorist attack, any impact to tourism is always short-term. Especially in destinations like Orlando that already top travelers' wish lists.

4 months ago

Not Content With Theme Parks, Orlando Wants to Be a Sports Destination Too

Orlando has plenty of hotel rooms to fill, so it's no surprise the city is looking for more ways to bring tourists. We still expect the city to be known for its theme parks above all, no matter how many NFL events it hosts.

4 months ago