Airline Earnings to Near $40 Billion Thanks to Cheaper Oil and Slowing Passenger Demand

It's not just lower oil prices that are behind lower airfares consumers may see. Recent consolidation between airlines across the world is is also helping this along, says IATA CEO Tony Tyler.

U.S. Airlines Are Replacing Old Planes With Second-Hand Jets

Buying used gives airlines an edge with aircraft makers looking for higher prices on new jets, too. And since airlines finally have some cash in the bank to play around with they have a greater freedom to make deals that are right for them.

Airlines Are Becoming Rational Businesses and Passengers Are Benefiting

The level of profitability revealed in the latest BTS report is leaves the Big 3 U.S. airlines room to improve their in-flight products and passenger services, without breaking the bank. But they have achieved this profitability in large part by becoming better businesses. If they are to stay profitable when the next inevitable industry downturn comes, they will need to keep improving their retail models.

Air France CEO: Benefits of Cheap Fuel Threatened by Political Instability

Air France is also under threat from its own management missteps and inability to sort its labor relations.

Airline Fuel Surcharges Are Going Away in Japan as Long as Oil Stays Low

We dream of a day when the true cost of flying is not made opaque by multiple fees designed to sow confusion and avoid taxes.

U.S. Airlines Bet on Long Oil Slump After Millions Lost to Hedging

Hedging fuel costs may be one of the toughest parts of the airline industry. Delta, for example, took nearly $2 billion in hedging losses in the first three quarters of 2015. The problem, though, is that given the turmoil in the world these days, these low oil prices are going to burn up eventually.

India’s Government Thinks That the Cheapest Market for Flying Is Too Expensive

Thank you Indian politicians for making all other politicians appear to have a mastery over transport and travel.

Croatia Doesn’t Know if It Should Bet on Oil or Tourism

It can't choose both.

Investors Are Worried About U.S. Airlines, Despite Cheap Oil

U.S. airlines need to rely on a better revenue model than crossing their fingers and hoping fuel prices drop.

U.S. Motorists May Save $75 Billion on Gas Next Year

Great news for road trippers, the RV industry, and commuters. Bad news for states and countries that have based their economies on oil.