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Newark, New Jersey’s Largest City, Hopes to Legalize Airbnb Today

To say that Newark comes to this fight as the weaker party is an understatement. If the city wants to do more than just collect taxes and begin regulating short-term rentals, however, it might want to take a good look at a recent San Francisco city report that shows just how complicated that endeavor can be.

6 months ago

United Airlines Abandons Plan To Buy Even More Slots at Newark from Delta

The Justice Department sued United to block it from increasing its already-dominant position at Newark Airport by buying slots from Delta. United backed off; it wasn't going to win this argument.

7 months ago

Newark Airport Is About to Be Busier Than It Has Been in Years

Considering the poor state of two of Newark's three terminals, we are not confident it can handle the increased traffic.

7 months ago

Newark Airport Is Getting a Second Rail Line Into New York City

Any traveler who had the pleasure of dealing with NJ Transit over Super Bowl weekend will no doubt like the prospect of an alternative rail line to Newark Airport.

3 years ago

New York-Newark Airport’s Best New Terminal Is Exclusively for the 1 Percent

New York's Newark Airport, like the other airports in New York City, is a shadow of what it could be were it not run by the politically dependent Port Authority. A custom terminal for its better customers is not the path to improving the situation.

3 years ago

Worst flight in America: The Cincinnati to Newark route that’s rarely on time

United Express Flight 4352 has been on time for just 19 percent of its trips; a shocking statistic supposedly caused by weather delays at Newark, the flight’s short-haul status, and FAA flight-coordinating strategies.

3 years ago

United responds to new Virgin America routes by slashing fares, adding flights

On a side note, it is interesting that Richard Branson, only a minority owner in Virgin America because of U.S. regulations, played such a prominent role at the Newark festivities -- and in articulating Virgin America's threat to file an antitrust complaint.

4 years ago

Virgin Atlantic says its redesigned business class lounge at Newark resembles a SoHo boutique

Virgin excels at design inside its aircraft and in the airport. Now if it could only design its balance sheets with the same flair.

4 years ago

Amtrak resumes services between Newark Airport and southern states

Newark re-opened Tuesday morning, but it’s near impossible to reach the airport from New York City where Amtrak services are still suspended.

4 years ago

Screeners at Newark Airport are the country’s naughtiest TSA employees

In the TSA’s biggest disciplinary action yet, 52 employees were proposed for firing or suspension leading TSA to tout its accountability when really what it needs is better management and hiring.

4 years ago