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Airbnb Wants to Strike a Deal With Politicians in New York and San Francisco

Airbnb is finally trying to meet lawmakers and housing advocates in the middle, but it's unclear if it's willing to provide cities enough access to its data to know if the proposed guidelines will be met.

3 days ago

Airbnb Relies on Its Hosts to Fight New York’s New Short-Term Rental Laws

Both sides of this debate could be saving themselves millions if Airbnb were simply more transparent and honest about sharing its data, and if both worked together to implement common sense regulations and policies that benefit everyone in the local community.

1 month ago

Measuring the Impact of New York’s New Short-Term Rental Law on Airbnb

Airbnb and other short-term rental companies can learn a lot from what’s happened in New York in terms of the regulations the state and city have implemented, including the new advertising law that awaits Cuomo's signature. And they should start preparing for similar laws that will undoubtedly emerge in other cities.

3 months ago

Measuring the Impact of Airbnb Rentals on New York City’s Housing Crisis

It’s worth taking this report with a grain of salt considering who commissioned it, but regardless, it’s hard to deny that Airbnb is having some impact on pricing people out in some of New York City’s most desirable neighborhoods.

4 months ago

In New York City Tourist Hot Spots, Beware the Men in Orange Robes

This rule of thumb basically applies to anyone who comes up to you asking for money. Consider it a golden rule for traveling smartly, whether you're in New York City or not.

4 months ago

Fans of ‘Hamilton’ Are Traveling to New York to See the Rooms Where It Happened

The smash musical has obsessive fans; it's no surprise they've turned into obsessive tourists.

4 months ago

LaGuardia’s $4 Billion Makeover Begins Shortly With Some Demolition Work

We really hope there will be a day when we don't see a dozen buckets collecting water from the ceiling at LaGuardia Airport. Here's hoping this multibilion-dollar project solves that problem, and much more of the ailments plaguing the airport.

5 months ago

New York City Uber Drivers Allowed to Organize, But Not Unionize

This is a smart move by Uber but because this isn't a full-fledged union, you have to wonder just how much independence and clout this new guild will be able to have.

5 months ago