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Airbnb Debuts TV Ad Campaign in New Orleans Ahead of City Council’s Vote Next Month

We hope New Orleans' restrictive track record with short-term rentals doesn't get in the way with next month's vote but there are still plenty of city residents bemoaned by Airbnb and other services and don't want them to gain more foothold.

1 month ago

New Orleans’ Growing Airbnb Inventory Sparks Debate Over City’s Soul

New Orleans is one of the most restrictive U.S. cities when it comes to short-term rentals but city council members and residents can't afford to let anti-Airbnb sentiments block more tourism revenue from coming into a recovering city.

7 months ago

Sausage Tourism Takes Travelers Along the Boudin Trail in Cajun Country

We don't think we've found a type of food tourism that we don't like, which is amazing because there are many types of tourism that don't make us happy.

9 months ago

Beyond New Orleans French Quarter, Gaps Remain a Decade After Katrina

Hurricane Katrina forced New Orleans to change, but as with any tumultuous event, there are winners and losers in the aftermath. The tourism sector has come back fairly healthy.

1 year ago

New Orleans Tourism Reinvented 10 Years After Katrina

New Orleans really needs a boost in the quality of life for its residents before it can take its tourism offering to the next level.

1 year ago

New Orleans’ New Way to Pay for Better Tourist Security

The French Quarter needs more cops and it looks like the tourists will end up paying for them.

1 year ago

New Orleans Tourism Boom Creates a Nice Tax Revenue Boom for the City

New Orleans still has a ways to catch up in terms of its hotel offering, but this is a good kick in the pants to encourage additional development.

1 year ago

New Orleans Tourism Moves Fast to Avoid an Indiana Bigotry Moment

It takes guts for a destination marketing organization to announce to the world that its state governor is a political opportunist trying to take down tourism for his own political benefit. Brave and smart move by New Orleans.

1 year ago

New Orleans Could Impose French Quarter Security Tax

1 year ago

New Music Tourism Triangle Connects New Orleans, Nashville and Memphis

It's great to see a tourism initiative that connects destinations by visitors' interests rather than by annual marketing budgets by particular cities and states.

1 year ago

New Orleans Gets a Bigger Ship From Carnival as Local Tourism Market Grows

Nearly ten years after Hurricane Katrina New Orleans has rebuilt to the point where it can start claiming market share from regional rivals again.

2 years ago

Return of the Mississippi River Cruise Continues With New Boat in New Orleans

It still remains to be seen if river cruising in the U.S. can be a sustainable business.

2 years ago