Southern Georgia Reminds Tourists: We Have Lots of Alligators

When tourism growth meets hungry alligators, it's a good idea to put up a few warning signs.

Australian Companies Agree to Stop Dumping Waste in Great Barrier Reef

It's stunning that some businesses can only see short-term profits from a little easy dumping over the long-term economic benefits of having one of the world's most remarkable underwater destinations.

Las Vegas’ Water Problem Poses Threat to Luxury Casinos

It's downright shocking that water should be an issue in the middle of a desert.

Israel Takes Action to Save Ancient Sites from Earthquakes

Natural disasters are a threat to historical and natural attractions worldwide, and the governments that profit from them must be proactive in protecting them.

Pollution Could Be the Death of One of Puerto Rico’s Top Attractions

The cause of the glowing bay's sudden darkness is still unknown, but a drop in visitors to the area could have a profound impact on the local economy.

Peru Makes the Best of Shrinking Glacier by Launching Climate Change Tours

Destinations around the world are feeling the impact of warmer temperatures and changing physical landscapes mean local businesses have to move to stay alive, or get very creative.

Outdoor Tourism Is One of the Fastest Growing Markets in Mississippi

States need to learn to foster and market different aspects of their physical and cultural assets when looking to attract tourism dollars. Mississippi's fresh focus on the sector will be key to its economic growth.

Sea of green algae off the Chinese coast isn’t as bad for tourism as you’d think

Although disruptive to the usual tourism season, the photos of swimmers in Qingdao’s waters are so unusual that they’ve spread around the world and brought the city a new wave of attention.

Puerto Rico might limit visitors to popular bio-luminescent bay

The bioluminescent bay is one of the most well-known of Puerto Rico’s attractions and limiting the number of visitors while increasing costs may be a sustainable means to ensuring the site’s livelihood.