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Yellowstone National Park Has Another Record Month for Tourism

At some point the park service is going to need to figure out a way to both control flow to parks such as Yellowstone and shift them to other parks that also can hit the mark with visitors.

1 week ago

Mount Rushmore at 75: An Unlikely Landmark Still Driving Tourism

Where many large-scale historic sculptures are pompous political statements, something about Mt. Rushmore sets it apart in a class of its own.

1 month ago

Jackson Hole and Grand Teton Enjoyed Record Tourism This Summer

This year's National Parks Service centennial is bringing more visitors to destinations surrounding popular parks.

2 months ago

National Park Service at 100 Seeking Diversity in Visitors and Employees

The reasons why more minorities, whether they be African-American, Latino or Asian, don't visit U.S. national parks in great numbers are complex but having a more diverse workforce within the National Park Service ranks would be a big step toward finding out the answers and coming up with solutions.

2 months ago

Yellowstone National Park Helps Chinese Tourists With Mandarin-Speaking Rangers

The U.S. has long been less hospitable to non-English speakers than many other top tourist destinations. News like this makes us feel good.

4 months ago

Obama’s National Park Visit Focuses on Climate Change, Overcrowding in Centenary Year

The U.S. National Park Service is the envy of every tourism organization around the world. It needs more support and more high-level thinking at the national level.

4 months ago

Operator at Heart of Yosemite Names Lawsuit Gets Another Parks Contract

If there's one lesson from this nonsense it's that the National Park Service needs to be better equipped to manage its assets, both physical and intellectual.

4 months ago

100 Years Later, A Look Back at the Start of the National Park Service

One hundred years after the National Parks Service was established, national park visitation in the U.S. is at an all-time high. If only its pioneers like John Muir, Theodore Roosevelt, and Nathaniel Pitt Langford could see how successful their vision has become a century later.

5 months ago

Yellowstone’s Record Numbers Bring With Them More Dangerous Behavior by Tourists

Please don't feed the bears, start a forest fire, or try dangling off a cliff to capture that perfect selfie when you visit the national parks. It's just not worth it.

5 months ago

Visitors Flock to Wyoming, But Budget Cuts Could Hurt Tourism Numbers

Wyoming sees some incredible returns on its investments in promoting tourism right now. But, as with any state-run entity, budget cuts could put a huge hamper on its efforts to grow visitor numbers. It's a struggle many tourism agencies are facing across the U.S.

5 months ago

Yellowstone Rangers to Tourists: Carry Some Bear Spray

We will argue that "A bear doesn't care" is one of the cooler tourism slogans we've seen all year.

5 months ago

South Dakota Is Counting on Park Milestones to Bring More Visitors

South Dakota has a lot working in its favor this year: low gas prices, Mount Rushmore anniversary events, and a broader centennial push by the National Park Service.

5 months ago