The Rise of Civil Rights Tourism in America’s Deep South

Historically, tourism in the Deep South steered clear of discussing slavery and Jim Crow, instead leaning on less contentious topics like country music and antebellum architecture. But now, civil rights museums are becoming an important part of the South's tourism landscape, even if many state tourism boards haven't gotten on the bandwagon.

World-Class Mexican Museum in San Francisco Slated for 2019 Opening

The Mexican Museum, an affiliate of the Smithsonian, will add a little more diversity to cultural offerings in San Franscisco for tourists and residents.

Pokemon Go Is Already a Big Boon for Small Museums

Some small museums are noticing Pokemon Go players making their way through the doors but should also remember, like any craze, these players probably won't become repeat visitors.

Museum to the First Great American Road to Open in 2017

We love this idea but can't help but note the irony that it comes at a time when so much of the U.S. transportation system -- from airports to trains to bridges -- is such a relic now they could be added to to historical record as well.

Washington D.C.’s Smithsonian Institute Has a New Building for Visitors

This is where the real history began in D.C. attractions, and it's good to see it open again.

To See the Best of Egyptian History, Prepare a Trip to Turin, Italy

You have to think that the current instability in Egypt makes Turin all that more attractive to archaeological tourists.

Tunisian Museum Reopens After Deadly Tourist Attack

A violent incident such as this shooting has the potential to significantly hurt a destination's tourism industry and foreigners' perception of its safety. However, Tunisia is already considered an adventurous choice for many consumers and it's unlikely those interested in visiting will be deterred by a one-time attack.

Selfie Sticks Are the Latest Amenity at Instagram-Friendly Hotels

Besides offering selfie sticks to guests, hotels need to maximize this gesture by inspiring and rewarding them to be ambassadors of the brand while in-destination.

New York Museum Embraces Local With Etsy Products in Gift Shop

This is a smart collaboration between a storied institution and a digital platform, which will hopefully lead the way to similar partnerships that add creativity and connection traditional tourist activities.

Smithsonian Museums Are Latest Preparing to Crack Down on Selfie Sticks

One would think manners would prevent the use of sticks in a museum, but maybe we're giving people too much credit for their manners.