10 Most Instagrammed Places of 2014

It is no surprise that most of the locations are tourist destinations, with the exception of two sites in Russia.

E-Hail Taxi Battles Move to Moscow With $1 GetTaxi Fares

It's going to take more than cheap fares to battle a rival with deep, deep pockets.

World Cup Corruption Probe Extends to 10-Year-Old Girl With £2 Million in Savings

You don't say!

Russia’s Putin Angers Muscovites With Louis Vuitton Luggage Exhibit in Red Square

Something like this is so garish, so obsessed with brand names that, really, it's the perfect symbol of modern Russia.

Ryanair to Begin Flying to Airports Near Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia

Knowing Ryanair, its Moscow flight will land in Belarus and the St. Petersburg one will land somewhere in a field across the Finnish border.

What it is like to spend time at “Snowden airport” in Moscow

Sheremetyevo airport may never easily roll off our tongues, but we're expecting in-the-footsteps-of-Snowden tours to start sometime soon.

That now-infamous Moscow airport hotel of Edward Snowden, inside and out

Airport hotels are rarely happy places, so experts recommend sticking to budget accommodations and saving your money for your final destination, whether that be Ecuador or U.S. federal court, in this particular case.

Moscow takes a small step into the bike-share business

Moscow's traffic is so notoriously bad that bikes are a good idea. Surviving when the traffic's humming is another matter.

Moscow leads the world in hotel room service charges

From it's ridiculously priced yet still awful restaurants to its Euro trash-inspired fashions, Moscow has some fantastic ways to screw over travelers, and its hotels lead the way for many other industries.

EasyJet coming of age as it challenges British Airways with inaugural Moscow flight

EasyJet is on a roll, and it's airfares will look a lot better to some business travelers than the larger British Airways' pricing. EasyJet's modest entry into Russia should shake things up a bit.