Morocco Looks to Russia, China and Low-Cost Carriers to Increase Tourism Numbers

To distinguish itself from its neighbors and revive lagging visitor numbers from Europe, Morocco is looking to attract more travelers from Russia and China with more convenient and affordable air routes.

The Best and Worst African Countries at Tourism Branding

Many African countries are ripe for tourism innovation; however, it will take on-the-ground product development in addition to smart marketing campaign to shift travelers' perceptions and drive bookings.

Morocco Hopes Its Protective Ebola Moves Will Bolster Tourism

It's a sad reality, but in a world where tourism to east Africa has dropped because of tourism concerns, playing hardball in an effort to make tourist-feeding nations happy isn't the worst idea.

Morocco Saw Record 10 Million Tourists in 2013, Recovering From the Arab Spring

Hotel average daily rates haven't yet recovered in Morocco, but visitors are returning in record numbers, and that's a good thing.

Morocco Targets China and Turkey to Boost 2014 Tourism Numbers

Visa-free travel to Morocco from China will be a boon to the industry.

Morocco works on convincing world that it’s nothing like its unfriendly neighbors

Morocco’s best shot at growth is an positive ad campaign that reminds people why they've been coming for decades and distinguishes it from its regional peers.

Casablanca’s new coastal tram line relieves stress for travelers and residents

Although its primary goal is to connect towns and ease congestion, the tram allows travelers easy access to the city's primary sites and the coast as well.

Morocco looks to sell stake in national carrier, Royal Air Maroc

Morocco aims to treble tourism by partnering with a gulf airline to drive access from currently untapped tourist markets in China, India, and Latin America.