Skift Survey: What Global Travelers Really Think About Visiting America-In-Turmoil

Travel to the U.S. is more resilient than some other countries, but there are already warning signs that the current climate should be cause for concern.

Heading to Paris on an Unlimited Budget? Here’s Where to Stay

After a four-year renovation, Paris' iconic Ritz Hotel is reopening. But if you can't stay there, the city has many other options for luxury - provided you have a big budget.

Visa Says We’re About to See a Huge Jump in International Travel

The boom in global travel is driving a huge increase in new tourism infrastructure development, which will make access easier and more affordable to more destinations, especially in emerging markets. But we will point out that the China and Russia numbers feel especially optimistic.

Airline Fares Are Really Low and Airlines Want to Get Them Back Higher

Anyone who looks at historic prices of airlines understands that what's happening now is an abnormality. And it definitely will not become the new normal.

Airlines Are Becoming Rational Businesses and Passengers Are Benefiting

The level of profitability revealed in the latest BTS report is leaves the Big 3 U.S. airlines room to improve their in-flight products and passenger services, without breaking the bank. But they have achieved this profitability in large part by becoming better businesses. If they are to stay profitable when the next inevitable industry downturn comes, they will need to keep improving their retail models.

London’s Luxury Hotels Have Their Worst Year Since 2009

Luxury has its limits. When too many brands start banking on one sector to deliver all their good news things don't go well.

Next Step for Uber Users: Getting Used to Tipping

This is the first decision of many that will shape the second phase of the customer experience with some of travel's biggest disruptors.

Tourists and Foreign Real Estate Buyers Enjoy Australian Deals

We're not sure the real estate angle is the best, but the short-term benefits of lower costs for tourists will likely be a draw this season.

Disney Introduces Daily Ticket Surge Pricing, Effective Immediately

While this won't deter people from coming on the busiest days (and will make more money off more people), it will provide a benefit to those who come when it is quieter.

American Air and Delta Are Lowering Fares Even as Demand Increases

Fare wars are always nice for a short bit of time, but they're a disaster in the long-run and we all pay for it eventually.