Rival Food Critic Responds to Publication of This Year’s Michelin Guidebook

Like the first sparrow of spring, the publication of the annual Michelin guidebooks results in a bit of noise from the brand's rivals.

Tokyo is the world’s most dynamic food city, even without the Michelin stars

The city's insistence on craft and hard work over flash and trends in its kitchens has set it apart from other metropolitan counterparts that treat food more as entertainment and commerce.

Michelin denies Noma third star in latest European restaurant ratings

Despite the rise in user-generated reviews and the rise of great restaurants that don't fit into the "fancy dining" model Michelin celebrates, the brand's Red Guides still drive the discussion (and bookings) in dining whenever a new edition is published.

Latest Michelin Guide updates put France on par with Japan once again

Despite Michelin's online floundering, its yearly updates create new destination restaurants every year and set the tone for what's expected from high end dining -- even if fewer and fewer people are pursuing it.

Michelin Guides forgets to renew domain name; learns important lesson

Oh, you say you understand the digital world Mr. Traditional Guidebook Publisher? How about not leaving the task of renewing your domain name registration to the summer intern.

Michelin guide brings clarity in the ongoing drama of a French chef’s suicide

Michelin and Gault-Millault may have dodged the blame in the fallout after Loiseau's suicide, but the tragic act was more a testament to the chef's fragile condition and the pressures of the French restaurant than the guides' rating systems.

The French are trusting an American to take the Michelin Guides into the digital age

The Michelin Guide has significant work to do to remain relevant in the digital sphere and to prove that content created by experts can trump mostly amateur user-generated content.

Germany touts its culinary prowess with a rise in Michelin-starred restaurants

The rise in culinary accolades in Germany could be connected its economic stability and position as one of the few European countries where patrons still frequent restaurants.

Michelin’s website jumps the gun, publishes new restaurant star ratings one week early

The always highly anticipated list is preceded by weeks of hand-wringing in some of the world's best restaurants and any sneak peek instantly lowers blood pressures or leads to preparation to get a star back the following year.

How Michelin’s guidebooks got a generation of Victorians to explore the world around them

The reasons behind guidebook companies' origins -- from Eugene Fodor's spies, to Arthur Frommer's budget, to Tony Wheeler's hippie trek -- are almost always the most fascinating part of the story.