Mexico’s Airport Operators Are Cashing in on Country’s Air Travel Boom

Domestic and international travel in Mexico are enjoying one of their best periods in history as Mexican airlines have made significant investments to make their products more enticing.

Canada Offers Mexico Visa-Free Travel in Exchange for Chance to Sell It More Beef

This comes at a time when travel between the U.S., Canada, and Mexico are highly valued by smart leaders in each nation. Canada wants to sell its beef, but it wants Mexican tourists with money nearly as much.

Brand USA Says It Is Having Trouble Reaching Its Tourism Goals

President Obama's goal of bringing 100 million foreign travelers to the U.S. in 2021 may have been too ambitious given global instability and an unexpectedly strong U.S. dollar. The first challenge is to bring back Canadian tourists.

Laid-Back Sayulita, Mexico Gets a Jolt From Tourism, Development

When a reality show comes to your town, the term "tranquil fishing village" is definitely in the past. The trick for Sayulita is retaining its historic charm while accommodating more visitors and development.

Eye Scans and Face Scans Greet Tourists Leaving the U.S.

Although we understand where this is coming from, considering the entrance presented to many non-U.S. entrants to the U.S. this seems more like a final insult than a security measure.

Mexican Court Rules Against Development Destroying Cancun’s Mangrove Trees

At least the Mexican court system is acknowledging it's not okay to sacrifice the environment in order to boost tourism. Environmentalists will have to increasingly rely on local court and justice systems for help with preventing more harm as governments and tourism organizations are often in the back pockets of real estate firms getting rich from tourist development.

The Top 10 Countries Whose Citizens Love the U.S. So Much They Won’t Leave

Visa overstays are a hot topic for xenophobic politicians, but the data indicates that very few international travelers choose to remain in the U.S. illegally. It also so happens that the worst offenders are America's neighbors.

5 Destinations Selling Diverse Experiences in Best Travel Ads This Week

These destinations are getting right to it: They offer a world to discover.

U.S.-Mexico Expand Air Travel Opportunities in New Agreement

As neighbors, this kind of agreement was long overdue to make it easier for Mexicans to reach U.S. cities and vice versa.

Mexico’s Richest Man Is the Only One Able to Build Mexico City’s New Airport

Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim's international clout will help his companies secure contracts crucial to the construction of a new $13 billion international airport in Mexico City.