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Malaysia Is Spending $1 Billion to Fix Its Airports

If the success of Malaysia's neighboring destinations have shown, especially Singapore, it's that having a kick-ass airport can make all the difference in bringing in more travelers.

1 month ago

A High-Speed Train Between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore Could Soon Be a Reality

A bullet train traveling between both countries would be a boon not only for tourism, but also for business. Having seen the positive impact high-speed trains have on tourism and economies in Asia, it makes us wonder why bullet trains haven't yet made their way to the Americas?

3 months ago

AirAsia Malaysia’s CEO Says She’s Ready to Help the Brand Take Over Asia

We're clearly team #Omar.

1 year ago

UK Tourist Says ‘Sorry’ For Naked Pose on Sacred Malaysia Mountain

With all the reports of Chinese tourist behaving badly, it's great to see the Brits step up their efforts to be totally classless abroad.

1 year ago

Hard Rock Cafe Makes a Marketing Faux Pas in Malaysia

All travel and travel-adjacent companies face the challenge of adopting their marketing message to a particular market. Hard Rock Cafe is not the first brand to discover their clever idea is actually quite offensive.

2 years ago

Chinese Travelers Are Staying Away From Southeast Asia, Even With Discounts

Who would have thought two years ago that China would be providing a boost to Japanese tourism.

2 years ago

Malaysian Taxi-Booking App GrabTaxi Bulks Up for Competition From Uber

There are localized versions of taxi-booking, hotel booking, and home sharing services, but the most funded companies (usually coming from Silicon Valley) have their eye on global domination and are quickly becoming competitors to the local upstarts.

2 years ago

Malaysia Air Search Submarine Finds Nothing at Site of Pings

Two things we know for sure about the missing Malaysia Air flight: Malaysian government officials are untrustworthy and Australia's PM Tony Abbott doesn't let total ignorance prevent him from jumping up to a microphone.

2 years ago

Malaysian Government Releases Data From Missing MH370 Airplane

The mystery of how flight 370 may remain, but if the Malaysian government had acted faster and shared more information, we may not have had such a mystery on our hands.

2 years ago

Malaysia Air Search Team Rethinks Investigation After 58 Days Without Debris

The search is entering its next, potentially long-term stage in which investigators need to outline a strategy that's more thorough than time efficient.

2 years ago

Missing Malaysia Air Flight Puts Spotlight on Air Traffic Control Failings

2 years ago

Search for Missing Malaysia Air Jet Moves Entirely Under Water

2 years ago