Travel Retailer Dufry in Talks to Buy World Duty Free

Duty-free retailers are entering their golden age as airports invest more in restaurants, shops and attractions that encourage travelers to arrive earlier and spend more.

South African Booking Site Acquires Social Startup Satisfly

With so many startups focusing on specific niches of the travel market, we will continue to see more acquisitions of small companies by small companies as competition consolidates.

Ryanair Makes Unexpected Foray Into M&A with Bid for Cyprus Airways

Ryanair continues to adjust its business model and goals to mature from the cheapest of European airlines to one that flyers appreciate for its fares and service.

$1.9 Billion Deal Creates One of the Largest U.S. Hospitality Real Estate Investments Trusts

The deal is a sign and symptom of the rebounding hospitality sector.

Google Acquires Real-Time Translation App World Lens

Translation technology has improved significantly in the past few years and recent developments suggest that the functionality will soon be closely integrated into travelers' most used devices.