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United Needs More Revenue to Help Pay for Its New Labor Deals

Give credit to United CEO Oscar Munoz for reaching new labor deals with many of United's employee groups. But buying labor peace is expensive. And now United's new executive team needs to come up with some creative ways to offset the increased costs.

1 week ago

Delta CEO: There’s No Pilot Shortage, But We’re Giving Raises Anyway

Delta's CEO appears confident following third quarter earnings that were better than analysts predicted, and he maintains that Richard Anderson's departure was part of the succession plan all along.

2 weeks ago

Norwegian Air Will Hire U.S. Pilots After Accusations of Flouting Labor Standards

Considering how tight the labor supply is, and how much U.S. pilot unions dislike Norwegian Air, it will be interesting to see how many applications the airline receives. Then again, pilots love flying big modern jets, and the Boeing 787 is about as good as it gets.

2 weeks ago

Norwegian Air CEO Interview: Regulators and Airlines Are Afraid of Us

Many U.S. airlines and their employee unions are concerned about Norwegian's rapid growth — and for good reason. With its low cost, long-haul model, Norwegian is a threat to legacy airlines.

3 weeks ago

The Hotel Lab in Hong Kong Training Future Hospitality Leaders

The world is in dire need of better, more realistic hospitality training and accreditation. Hospitality and social environments will only continue to grow as we desire to get off of our phones, look up from screens and take in generous hospitality and be surrounded by others in lively environments.

3 weeks ago

Southwest’s Tentative Deal With Pilots May Be in Jeopardy

Airline pilots have not had this much leverage in a long time, and it seems they want to use it. This is fine as long as carriers keep reporting massive profits. But if the industry suffers another downturn, airlines are going to have a tough time paying pilots so much money.

3 weeks ago

Delta Reaches Agreement in Principle With its Pilots Union

Delta probably hopes this deal goes over better with pilots than the last one. In 2015, pilots rejected a tentative three-year agreement, with 65 percent voting against the deal.

4 weeks ago

Southwest Has Tentative Deal With Flight Attendants After 3 Years of Talks

Southwest has been looking more like a traditional U.S. carrier with these long-standing labor issues than like the model of efficiency and profit it usually is.

2 months ago

Air France-KLM to Try a Different Way to Transform Its Airlines

Not a terrible idea, considering the utter failure of the last transformation. Actually executing on the plan will be another matter.

2 months ago

For Foreseeable Future, American and US Airways Flight Attendants Will Fly Separately

US Airways and American closed their merger more than two and a half years ago, but for many customers and employees, it still feels like two airlines. This will ensure that's the case for longer than anyone wants.

2 months ago

Trump Taj Mahal, Atlantic City’s Largest Casino, Will Close and Kill 3,000 Jobs

Carl Icahn could be bluffing about closing the Trump Taj Mahal Casino, seeking to bring the property's union to its knees. But closing it wouldn't be fun and games for the hotel's workforce or for an Atlantic City almost on life support.

2 months ago

Amid Labor-Management Discord, Southwest’s Chief Negotiator will Retire

Give the acrimonious relations between Southwest and its unions, an executive probably had to go. Randy Babbitt is 70 year old and led labor relations, so his departure makes sense.

2 months ago