Amid Labor-Management Discord, Southwest’s Chief Negotiator will Retire

Give the acrimonious relations between Southwest and its unions, an executive probably had to go. Randy Babbitt is 70 year old and led labor relations, so his departure makes sense.

Chinese Airlines Are Offering Fat Paychecks to Cope With Aviation Boom

It makes sense that as China's airline industry expands it will need more pilots. Carriers elsewhere may have to increase what they pay in order to compete.

Travel Industry Jobs Made Modest Diversity Gains in 2015

Travel brands' employees must represent the growing diversity of the world's travelers. The U.S. travel industry as a whole made progress towards that goal last year but it largely remains an industry with a sea of white faces.

Cuba Is Importing Workers to Help It Build Hotels Faster

As demands of tourism development increase, expect to see broader changes to the labor market in Cuba.

New Position With Skift: Branded Sales Executive in London

Come be part of the best business media team in travel!

Why Inflation and Rising Wages Could Be Good News for Hotels

The ability to change hotel room rates will give hoteliers an edge in making sure they stay profitable, even if labor costs rise, and even if we might be headed for another economic downturn as some financial analysts suspect.

United and its Flight Attendants Finally Close in on New Contract

If flight attendants ratify the contract, United's customers should win, and it will be a big win for Munoz, too. Today, flight attendants work under two labor agreements, making the airline a model of inefficiency at times.

Air France Pilots Decide Not to Strike Again After Management Offers Deal

We love organized labor, but we really hope the AF pilots got low-balled this time around. They've become the poster pilots for labor strife.

Workers at Miami International Airport Call Out Unsafe Working Conditions

Airports across the U.S. are creating massive security risks by screwing over employees with low wages, poor benefits, and other key elements of the contract worker economy.