India’s Growing Problem of Under-Qualified Yet Certified Pilots

Unmanaged growth and hyper-competition doesn't always make for the safest experience when you need to take the time to properly train the talent behind the controls.

Jet Airways Hopes Dumping Low-Cost Carrier Will Help It Focus Business

Does this signal a nearing end to the shakeout in Indian airlines, or just the latest chapter?

Etihad Focuses on Latin America for Next Partnership Push

Etihad's focus on investments rather than alliances is one of the more interesting narratives in aviation right now.

United Suspends Marketing Ties With Jet Airways After FAA’s India Downgrade

Considering how active India's aviation industry has been recently this is quite the embarrassment for the country's aviation industry.

Kuwait Airways Chairman Suspended For Role in Jet Airways Aircraft Purchases

It's anyone's guess what is really going on behind the scenes at Kuwait Airways, with a deal eight years in the making to lease aircraft from Jet Airways morphing into the chairman push to buy some of the aircraft. More details should be coming out in the next few days.

Etihad Gets India’s Approval to Invest in Jet Airways

Etihad desperately wanted to make this investment and was agonizingly waiting for Indian government approval. And Jet Airways is counting on the funding approval for fleet expansion and to reduce its debts.

Etihad Extends Deadline for Investment in India’s Jet Airways

It would be a huge setback for Etihad in its competition with Emirates if politicians in India manage to kill Etihad's deal to invest in Jet Airways. Etihad is still expressing confidence that the deal will get approved, though.

Jet Airways Wins Approval for Etihad Tie-Up So It’s Game On

This is a game-changer for India airlines, and for their would-be new best friends, including Etihad.

Stakes Are High as Jet Airways Awaits Approval of Etihad Investment

The deal is the first in which a foreign carrier will invest in an Indian airline after the government relaxed regulations last year. It's terms will pave the way for future investments.

Jet Airways hires ex-CEO of Air New Zealand to navigate rising competition

India’s aviation sector is quickly evolving as foreign carriers claim their stake in the growing market place; Jet Airways needs someone experienced at partnerships and competition to keep its marketplace footing.