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Striking a balance between nature and tourism on California’s Catalina Island

Catalina’s reputation for boutique hotels and expensive lobster dinners proceeds the island itself, and often overshadows the 88 percent of land whose ecosystems remain well protected.

3 years ago

Mayors of idyllic Greek island Mykonos are charged with massive embezzlement

Wonder why Mykonos' infrastructure is so crappy? Look no further than the bank accounts of the island's leaders. We'd love to see similar investigations into other island escapes around the world (yes, Jamaica, we're talking about you).

4 years ago

Want to buy a Greek island? Have your Russian oligarch dad write you a check

Aristotle Onassis had a trophy wife in Jacqueline Kennedy, and now a Russian billionaire's daughter has purchased a trophy Greek island resort from Onassis' granddaughter. There is a certain symmetry in that.

4 years ago

Cyprus should look to Malta for ways to improve its own island economy

Cyprus needs to shed its image as the place where rich people go to avoid paying their fair share, and been up on its promise of treating everyone equa.

4 years ago

The alluring Pacific island that exists in Google Earth, but not this Earth

Fans of the "Lost" television series could make something of this, surely. And for the record: iOS 6 maps don't include Sandy Island.

4 years ago

Tourists can now visit the The Republic of Fairytales in South Korea

Nine Korean provinces and a micronation are teaming up to promote regional tourism through a shared currency, travel programs, and unique attempt to bring childlike fun to the industry.

4 years ago

Grenada taps into buzz surrounding Olympic star Kirani James for travel campaign

Grenada is using the Olympic star's international recognition to spark travel interest in the small island and suggest visitors will encounter personalities just like James on their vacation.

4 years ago

French-owned Reunion Island targets high-end Indian tourists

Although much closer to Africa than India, the small island is hoping to attract wealthy Indian travelers to improve its tourism revenues and has started by hosting major road shows in Indian cities.

4 years ago

One of the world’s most remote islands is worried about the effects of building its first airport

Introducing tourism on Saint Helena island could become an interesting experiment on how to implement sustainable tourism when given a clean slate and access to new technologies.

4 years ago

Travel and Leisure magazine calls out its World’s Best Awards

T+L and its competitor Conde Nast Traveler have long sought to distinguish their respective lists with new measurements and greater user participation, but they find themselves under increasing threats from non-glossy, best-of-like lists from across the web.

4 years ago