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Iberia Debuts Its New Long-Haul Premium Economy Class

Iberia is just the latest in a host of carriers to launch a premium economy cabin, but the product looks like a big improvement over the main cabin.

2 days ago

British Airways Parent Warns of Brexit-Related Profit Decline

It's a tough market for European airlines, who must deal with concerns about terrorism, as well as economic uncertainty. Things could get worse before they improve.

3 months ago

American and British Airways Want Approval for Joint Venture With LATAM

The three airlines are already Oneworld members but this new codeshare agreement would take cooperation to a wholly different level.

9 months ago

British Airways Parent Sees 40% Q2 Profit Spike Thanks to Fuel, Iberia Savings

If your name is Air France/KLM, Lufthansa, or even if you're one of the U.S. legacy carriers you need to be watching what Walsh is doing at IAG. And then copying it.

1 year ago

2 Airlines That Are Helping Passengers Live Like a Local

Not all hospitality and tourism trends become aviation trends too, but the travel like a local trend touches all sectors. Some airlines recognize the trend and are doing what they can to get it right.

1 year ago

Spanish Millennials Are Loving Iberia’s Last-Minute Ticket Auctions

Iberia seems to have found a winning formula to promote last-minute bookings with Spanish Millennials.

1 year ago

The Best Global Airlines for On-Time Performance for January 2015

This is encouraging news for Asia-Pacific carriers but plenty still rank towards the bottom of the overall list with enormous average delay times. We're looking at you, Emirates.

2 years ago

British Airways Sweetens Its Takeover Offer for Aer Lingus

We'd like to see Ryanair take the money it makes from the buyout and aggressively attack British Airways' most profitable routes.

2 years ago

The World’s Best and Worst On-Time Airlines

Stuck at the terminal is manageable. Stuck on the tarmac is the 7th circle of hell.

2 years ago

EDreams Has a Pulse Again as Iberia, British Airways Restore Flights

It is hard to gauge the merits of eDreams Odigeo's arguments that the Iberia and British Airways actions were not based on the site's alleged lack of transparency because eDreams Odigeo has not been very transparent about the basis of the dispute.

2 years ago

Iberia Adds a Custom Scent in Bid to Appeal to All Five Senses

The effectiveness of using scent to appeal to customers in the aircraft cabin is disputed by some industry branding specialists. But, to win the interiors arms race, airlines need to make the most of every weapon in their arsenal.

2 years ago

IAG Prepares for More Than 2,000 Iberia Job Cuts

Iberia is one of IAG's success stories to emerge from the European aviation crisis and it will stop at nothing to keep it that way.

2 years ago