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Why Uber and Airbnb Are the Only Truly Disruptive Travel Companies of This Century

I hate to see so many talented travel startup people working away at ideas that obviously have little chance to succeed. Do we need another trip-planning app or metasearch company? These are very early days for Uber and Airbnb, but it is totally evident that they have set out to do something different.

2 years ago

The Top 31 Most Heavily Venture-Funded Startups In Travel

The global travel industry is going through a lot of disruption, and the biggest sectors include the sharing economy and ground transportation, as well as one large potential winner in the hotel booking sector.

3 years ago

First Look at the $22 Million, 6-Year-in-the-Making Travel Planning Website Hopper

After all this, does Hopper really want to bill itself as a "catalogue?" It sounds like a retro brochure or directory. And, despite all the delay and years of work, it appears that Hopper still has a very long way to go before it can deliver a comprehensive and respectable product that is ready for prime time.

3 years ago

Hyped Travel Startup Hopper Does Everything, Except Actually Launch

Technology aside, will travelers care about Hopper if they ever see a product after six years of development? If you have patience in excess, then stay tuned.

3 years ago

What’s behind Hopper’s $22 million gamble on big data travel planning?

Hopper is doing heavy lifting in amassing data to spur travel inspiration. Five years in the making already, it needs to deliver out of the gate, or become an expensive road kill.

4 years ago

Consumer travel mega-site-in-waiting Hopper raises $12 million more second round

Destination discovery/planning tool is a startup minefield & few have cracked it. Hopper's goal of using Big Data to catalogue travel flight and destination data is ambitious & admirable, though they're taken a lot of time and money for it.

4 years ago