Zika Not a Long-Term Threat Argue Miami Tourism Leaders

The challenge for Miami officials is that potential visitors don't discern between high infection-risk neighborhoods and "safe" ones. They just see a potential health crisis in Miami.

Miami Beach Zika Fears Increase as CDC Issues Travel Warning

Visitors won't distinguish between neighborhoods in Miami, they will just avoid it altogether.

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CDC Issues Zika Travel Warning for Popular Miami Neighborhood

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Florida Officials Hustling to Prevent Zika-Weary Travelers From Canceling

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CDC Says Tourists Can Safely Visit High-Elevation Spots in Zika-Hit Countries

The CDC is in a position where it's balancing the unknowns of outbreaks with useful warnings for tourists.

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Our alternate title: Why unrest, health panics, and financial uncertainty doesn't spell doom and gloom for the travel industry. But it does mean it needs to be smart in 2016.

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Bad news for the families hit by this, and potentially very bad news for Latin American tourism.

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