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Puerto Rico and the Fight for Caribbean Tourism: 5 Podcast Takeaways

These spokespeople from Puerto Rico tourism agencies want to make one thing clear: neither Zika nor Puerto Rico's financial crisis are seriously problematic for tourism to the island.

1 month ago

Disney Says Zika Is Not Hurting Its Florida Theme Park Business

Disney did not like an analyst's suggestion that Zika could be causing travelers to reconsider trips to Florida parks. The theme park company is working to allay visitors' fears with bug spray and messages about mosquito control, but as long as the virus isn't being transmitted locally, we don't expect the parks to take a serious hit.

1 month ago

Miami Business Owners Miss Tourists, Want Zika Warnings to End

Local officials have worked hard to address the Zika threat, but fear by some locals and failure by the U.S. House of Representatives to provide funding have made matters more difficult.

1 month ago

As Florida Finds Zika in Local Mosquitoes, New Poll Shows Travel Could Be Affected

While the latest development — the discovery of mosquitoes carrying Zika — is not shocking, it's a fresh round of headlines for a destination that would rather see the issue fade away. A new poll showing wariness about travel to areas with the virus brings more bad news.

2 months ago

Singapore Travel Warnings in Place as City-State Deals With 151 Zika Cases

Singapore is one of Asia and the world's largest travel hubs and the spike in zika cases will surely have a negative impact on tourism and the local economy in the near-term.

2 months ago

Indonesia’s Worries About Zika Turn Into Screenings for Singapore Passengers

Zika's potential to have a wide-spread, decades-long impact separates it from other recent global health scares ranging from avian flu to even Ebola. It's up to governments to quickly and wisely respond to threats to prevent large outbreaks.

2 months ago

Miami’s Wynwood Neighborhood Is Taking a Brutal Tourism Hit Due to Zika Fears

Maybe a silver lining to Zika's toll on Wynwood is that the district is getting a huge amount of global press that could pay off when everything is back to normal.

2 months ago

Hotel Occupancy and Airfares Drop for Tourists to Miami

Miami maybe taking all actions that can prevent the spread of mosquitoes that are possibly carrying the virus, but in the meantime travelers are looking elsewhere out of abundance of caution.

2 months ago

Zika Not a Long-Term Threat Argue Miami Tourism Leaders

The challenge for Miami officials is that potential visitors don't discern between high infection-risk neighborhoods and "safe" ones. They just see a potential health crisis in Miami.

2 months ago

Miami Beach Zika Fears Increase as CDC Issues Travel Warning

Visitors won't distinguish between neighborhoods in Miami, they will just avoid it altogether.

2 months ago

Thailand Is Cracking Down on Sex Tourism in Bangkok

Thailand's tourism success is so tenuous right now, but that's no reason to slow efforts to cut down on exploitative practices.

2 months ago

CDC Issues Zika Travel Warning for Popular Miami Neighborhood

It may be a small number of cases, but it's enough that Miami tourism officials should be worried.

3 months ago