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3 Airline CEOs Defend the Complexity of the Industry’s Technology Systems

There's a bit of blaming the victim (the consumer) in these words. Few in the airline industry think carriers have solved their technology woes, so passengers can expect intermittent outages to continue for the foreseeable future.

1 month ago

Airlines Are Auctioning Seats Rather Than Upgrading Loyal Passengers

Airlines aren't in the business of giving stuff away for free any more, so expect more airlines to consider seat auctions or other ways to monetize items they used to give away to loyal flyers.

3 months ago

The Big Reason Hawaiian and JetBlue Oppose Delta’s Aeromexico Joint Venture

Hawaiian Airlines and JetBlue Airlines are once again ganging up on Delta. But this time it's about Mexico, not the Middle East.

3 months ago

Hawaiian Airlines’ Snazzy Flatbed Seats Reveal Its Big Ambitions

Hawaiian Airlines is introducing new business class seats. But if you live in the mainland United States, you may not see a lot of them.

4 months ago

Hawaii Is Hot and Airlines Have More Cool Ways to Get There

What's not to love about Hawaii? The extended codeshare service between JetBlue and Hawaiian will also strengthen both airlines by creating new connections from the East coast to the islands, and beyond, for travellers from the U.S. and Asia.

9 months ago

A New Idea for Airline Loyalty: Cash Back Rewards for Frequent Flyers

The author is under the mistaken assumption that the primary purpose of loyalty programs is to make customers feel good. It's not.

11 months ago

Hawaiian Air Beats Forecasts for Its Q3 Earnings

The only bump for Hawaiian this year has been its rare toppling in August from the on-time throne by Delta.

1 year ago

Hawaiian Air’s New Premium Cabin Gets Lie-Flat Seats and More Room

It's a beautiful seat that will be popular with passengers. It's also both classy and smart of Hawaiian to give new suppliers a chance to earn their business, at a time when larger industry suppliers are overwhelmed by orders.

1 year ago

Delta Finally Beats Hawaiian Air for On-Time Performance

After win after win after win, Hawaiian Air had to fall one day. Spirit may well be the lifetime winner of poor performance, though.

1 year ago

The Best Airlines and Airports for On-Time Performance in 2014

Punctuality is an aspect of the flight experience that really matters both to the passenger and airlines' bottom lines.

2 years ago

American and Hawaiian Covet a Delta Slot at Japan’s Haneda Airport

With the Haneda Airport slot coveted for its attractiveness to business travelers, it would be shocking if Hawaiian beats out American Airlines for the position. Delta will have a lot more to say about this, as well.

2 years ago

Chicago Air Traffic Control Fire Leads to U.S. On-Time Ratings Dip in October

November's mini-Noreaster will likely have similar results on last month's traffic, handing yet another month over to warm-weather darling Hawaiian.

2 years ago