Feds Move to Protect Stressed Out Dolphins From Tourists in Hawaii

We're not eager to see companies go out of business, but this is part of a broader move that rethinks the relationship between tourists and animals, some in captivity and some in the wild.

Hawaii Governor Blocks Bill to Collect Taxes from Airbnb

More city and state government officials, from Hawaii to Los Angeles and San Francisco, want Airbnb and their peers to help them enforce local laws. But the platforms continue to use the Communications Decency Act as a shield that diverts any liability onto their users. It's clear that we need a better approach that allows both local governments and short-term rental problems to address regulations together.

Hawaii Governor Will Veto Bill Allowing Airbnb To Collect Taxes

Hawaii may become the only U.S. state so far to veto legislation that requires sharing economy services to collect state and local taxes.

South Korean Investors Buy Up Beachfront Resorts, Landmark Hotels Abroad

Chinese insurance firms named Anbang aren't the only ones looking to invest in hotel properties abroad.

Hawaii Rides a Wave of Record Visitor Arrivals

If the Hawaiian islands can increase their numbers of international and domestic flights, they might be on course to set even bigger tourism records than anticipated.

Starwood’s New Instagram Video Ad Brings Waikiki to Your Smartphone

At a time when a lot of brands are looking into virtual reality and 360-degree video to immerse consumers in a destination, this campaign proves that incredible visuals and a killer sense of perspective go a long way toward building brand awareness, and making consumers feel like they're right there with you.

Hawaii Tourism Officials Are Telling Residents They Should Appreciate Visitors

As tourism to Hawaii continues to grow, it's no surprise that tension exists between locals and visitors. The state may need to do more than post videos online to address residents' concerns.

Hawaii Tries to Stop Airbnb From Renting Beachfront Campsites

While Airbnb set the bar high for verified user identities, it does a poor job verifying legitimate addresses.

The Shrinking Airline Seat Becomes an Issue for Hawaiian Lawmakers

Hawaii's lawmakers understand better than most the downside of cramped, long-distance flying.

New Rules Are Coming to Keep People from Disturbing Dolphins in Hawaii

Since voluntary measures haven't worked, authorities sound ready to enforce new rules to keep tourists and locals from disturbing dolphins.