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Grand Canyon’s Once-Controversial Skywalk Nears 1-Million Visitor Mark

The Grand Canyon Skywalk illustrates how innovative placemaking can drive economic returns for local communities.

10 months ago

Landmark Hotel at Grand Canyon Will Get Renovation in 2017

The huge increase in visitors to National Parks the last few years should have Department of Interior leaders thinking about the next generation of accommodations in addition to keeping the legacy properties up to snuff.

10 months ago

Navajo Nation’s New President Reverses Support for Grand Canyon Tram

We're not against development. But development in the desert and near one of the U.S.'s greatest landmarks is a bad idea -- especially these specific plans.

1 year ago

It’s Time for the Annual Grand Canyon Solo Trip Lottery

This is one of the few chances solo, expert travelers have to go unencumbered along the Colorado River.

2 years ago

Grand Canyon Services Shutdown Avoided With Contract Band-Aid

2 years ago

Park Service Sounds Alarm Over Grand Canyon Development Plans

Everything about water rights in the U.S. west is insane, which makes sensible discussion about development nearly impossible.

2 years ago

Grand Canyon Skywalk Dispute Resolved in Financial Settlement

Millions of people have visited the Grand Canyon Skywalk and this settlement ensures that the tourist attraction will continue operating without the distraction of a nasty squabble.

2 years ago

Arizona Town Trying to Add Grand Canyon to Its Name to Lure Visitors

It's not a bad idea in order to lure visitors un-knowledgeable of the towns that provide a window into the Grand Canyon. But you'd think they would have been able to put themselves on the map years ago by providing great service to visitors.

3 years ago

FAA to Allow 1,721 More Air Tours in Grand Canyon Each Year

Officials and conservationists disagree on the impact the additional flights will have the visitors' experience, but local businesses are looking at the bottom line: more flights equals higher revenues.

3 years ago

Quiet Tourist Airplanes Get Financial Incentives at the Grand Canyon

Crowded and trafficked national parks pose the ongoing challenge of providing a sense of the natural in the midst of moving masses.

3 years ago

Grand Canyon Lost $19 Million During U.S. Government Shutdown

What the Grand Canyon lost in tourism revenues, it gained in national news coverage and a boost in public awareness.

3 years ago

Arizona Wants a Full Refund for Reopening the Grand Canyon

The National Park Service took reigns of the Grand Canyon before the state's money was exhausted, but legislators are now fighting for the full amount and could be waiting for a long time.

3 years ago