Articles by Greg Oates

How Tourism and Hospitality Sectors Can Disrupt the Events Industry — Meetings Innovation Report

This week, Sydney, Los Angeles, and Omni Hotels are showing how tourism and hospitality companies are disrupting the meetings and events industry, both online and offline.

2 days ago

Sydney Positions Conferences As Catalysts for Economic Development

Governments, convention bureaus, and universities like those in Australia are collaborating more strategically to diversify the economy and drive economic development by targeting specific international conferences aligned with national interests.

2 days ago

CMO Interview: Understanding Omni Hotels’ Pivot Toward Experiential Meetings

By owning its 60 properties, Omni Hotels feels it has more quality and consistency control over the meeting planner sales experience, and more impact on delivering local experiences for meeting attendees.

3 days ago

L.A. Tourism Launches Virtual Reality Platform for Meeting Planners

Meet L.A.'s new VR/360 video initiative helps planners better understand how to incorporate the sprawling city's event venues and local communities into their programs.

4 days ago

The Events Industry Needs More Research on Tech and Business Strategy — Meetings Innovation Report

There's plenty of tech out there, the industry is just not sure what works and what doesn't right now.

1 week ago

New Meetings Industry Forecast Reveals a Need for Better Educated Planners

Corporate leaders and university faculty need to collaborate more to develop meetings industry research that supplies meeting planners with a more comprehensive understanding of event technology and business event strategy.

1 week ago

St. Louis Tries to Rebrand the City for Meetings With a New Music and Tech Festival

St. Louis is fortunate to have one of the more advanced startup communities of any third tier city in America, and it's leveraging that aggressively through the Murmuration Festival to reposition itself as a forward thinking destination for meetings and events.

2 weeks ago

Why Event Planners Need Experiential Marketers — Meetings Innovation Report

Event planners and brand marketers want to collaborate to design better event programming and experiential marketing content, but there are significant challenges for organizations to make that marriage work.

2 weeks ago

Guam Wants to Be Asia-Pacific’s Next Meetings and Incentive Travel Hub

Guam presents an interesting option for Asia-Pacific conferences because it's a tropical island with mature tourism infrastructure and decent airlift, but there's a lot of work to do to show American meeting planners and attendees that the long flight is worth it. It's easy to say you want to be Hawaii, and another to actually be it.

3 weeks ago

Event Planners and Marketers Are Finally Seeing the Benefits of Collaboration

Event planners and marketers need to combine forces more aggressively to co-create large meetings and conferences, because the next generation of interdisciplinary event design and experiential marketing is far too complex for planners to navigate on their own anymore.

3 weeks ago

Takeaways From Skift Global Forum 2016 — Meetings Innovation Report

We like to think we've taken some of the best practices from the meetings and conventions space and applied them to our own event.

3 weeks ago

Conference Planners Show Surging Interest in London Since Brexit

Demand for conference space in London is always high, but price considerations usually tend to dampen some of that excitement. With a 15 percent drop against the U.S. dollar though, suddenly post-Brexit London seems like a bargain, relatively speaking.

3 weeks ago