Articles by Greg Oates

Why You Shouldn’t Say ‘Millennial’ Anymore — Meetings Innovation Report

Talking about Millennial behavior in the workplace is like talking about "new media." It was once relevant and now it's not.

3 days ago

Millennials Don’t Talk About Millennials and Neither Should the Meetings Industry

There is so much fatigue around the Millennial conversation in the meetings industry, and whether they want to attend live business events. Acknowledging that will help shift the industry conversation toward collective, multi-generational action around meeting strategy and business outcomes, versus who's good on Instagram.

3 days ago

Miami’s Popular Wynwood Arts District is Cleared of Zika

Miami's hottest tourism area took a big hit from Zika, but intensive spraying and public education seems to have had an impact. However, the same tactics will potentially have less impact in Miami Beach where cases of Zika persist.

4 days ago

Blurring the Line Between Conferences and Festivals — Meetings Innovation Report

The conference of the future integrates entertainment, inspiration, and immersive experiences into the event, as much as education, to engage the multidisciplinary mindset of creative professionals today.

1 week ago

Behind Orlando’s New IBM Watson-Powered Travel App

Although Visit Orlando's new AI-powered travel app still has kinks, it shows the power of machine learning to provide more contextual and customized information to travelers — most of the time.

2 weeks ago

St. Louis Rethinks Tourism Marketing in Response to Ferguson Violence

The Ferguson violence in 2014 rightly highlighted St. Louis' deep problems with systematic racism. While this is certainly no cure for that, the city's new coalition of tourism and business interests should inspire other cities to develop stronger public-private partnerships that benefit both visitors and their local communities.

2 weeks ago

Skift Global Forum Preview: How Bonnaroo and SXSW Have Reinvented Live Events

The future of conferences and live events places a priority on bringing together thought leaders and influencers from more diverse segments, because creative audiences today want a mashup of tech, arts, and educational experiences.

2 weeks ago

How Brands Are Adding Value for Event Planners — Meetings Innovation Report

Brands from Hilton Worldwide to Google are injecting more value into their events at every touch point, ranging from experiential culinary design to advanced event tech and content distribution.

2 weeks ago

Hilton Dishes Up New Experiential Food-Pairing Program For Conferences

A lot of hotel groups are providing healthy food options for their meeting groups, but attendees are still dozing off in the afternoon. So Hilton is pairing its meals with fitness and team-building experiences to try and inject greater energy and focus into meeting sessions. More research needs to be done on this.

2 weeks ago

What’s Keeping Global Event Planners Up At Night — Meetings Innovation Report

Security, mobile device usage, the sharing economy, and positioning events as marketing vehicles are among the top challenges for event planners in 2016.

3 weeks ago

Skift Global Forum Preview: Reinventing Hostels as a Lifestyle Experience

Generator Hostels is cleaving out an entirely new sub-segment in hospitality. The brand is geared toward young-minded people who want an affordable price point in major gateway cities like most hostels offer, but they also want a certain level of modern design and programming more typical of lifestyle hotel chains.

4 weeks ago

Miami’s Wynwood Neighborhood Is Taking a Brutal Tourism Hit Due to Zika Fears

Maybe a silver lining to Zika's toll on Wynwood is that the district is getting a huge amount of global press that could pay off when everything is back to normal.

4 weeks ago