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Allegiant, Delta CEOs Were Largest Political Donors in 2015 Among Airline Executives

As another U.S. election season heats up in 2016, it's important to mark the ways in which travel industry money will affect both election outcomes and future regulation.

10 months ago

FAA to Airports: Clear the Snow This Winter. Or Else

The FAA is policing airports this winter to ensure they take appropriate measures to clean up their runways during snowstorms - or else be hit with fines as much as $735,000.

11 months ago

The U.S. States Seeing Largest Increases to Their Tourism Budgets

The most visited states such as Florida, California, and New York still have the largest budgets but some of the states seeing their budgets receive the highest percent increases aren't iconic American destinations.

1 year ago

New York City Mayor Names New Head of NYC & Company Tourism Board

Dixon has some big shoes to fill, but he has the backing of a mayor who's interested in many of the same things the next generation of visitors are seeking.

3 years ago

New Bill Would Unbundle Airfare Costs for Advertising Purposes

Average American flyers care more about what they'll actually pay for air travel than where every dollar goes, making the current ad regulations more consumer-friendly and fares easier to search.

3 years ago

China’s 5-Star Hotels Downgrade Ratings to Appease Government Officials

The Chinese government's austerity measures are hurting luxury brands and travel companies that quickly grew due to officials' extravagant spending. They now need to promote a more humble product to secure customers.

3 years ago

Dubai Courts High-End Hotels by Reducing Regulatory Red Tape

Dubai is looking to make significant gains in tourist arrivals in 6 years so the new regulations are as much about attracting high-end hotels as having them be built in time.

3 years ago

New York Governor Appoints Former Football Star to State Tourism Council

Tourism to upstate New York has become priority for NY Governor Cuomo who has directed millions towards new marketing initiatives and activated his advisory board.

3 years ago

Mumbai Airport Receives Much-Needed Facelift with New International Terminal

The new terminal is positioned to attract foreign tourists and boost the prime minister's reputation before spring elections, but looking forward the terminal might not be enough to handle growing air traffic.

3 years ago

New York Governor Proposes Taking Control of JFK and La Guardia Airport Redevelopment

No matter who heads the project, its construction will undoubtedly be costly complicated and long impacting travelers and airlines for seven or more years.

3 years ago

Chinese Province Sets Up Enforcement Team to Handle Misbehaving Tour Guides

China's catapult into tourism has been somewhat rocky with some government officials, tour guides, and citizens abroad being berated for misbehavior, overspending, and general inappropriateness.

3 years ago

Chinese Officials Watched Closely After Spending Public Funds on Luxury Travel

China isn't the first country to have government officials misuse public funds for extravagant trips and entertainment. The government is right to crackdown on the habit quickly and efficiently.

3 years ago